Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Help me and my cat?

I know, I know, I never post here. I forget I have some people that only keep up with me on here, since I deleted my Facebook.

So, if you've seen the following on Twitter or Google+, my apologies. If you haven't, feel free to share the link all over the place.


I don't normally ask for help, but I have to take my darling 12 year old kitty to the vet tomorrow. I have no idea how much it will cost me, but I do know it will mean I'll be short on paying rent next week.

I'm estimating $500 for a "worst case scenario" - it will more likely be less than $200, but to be honest, I have a lot of bills I'm trying to get caught up on, so anything extra will go towards that and will still be helping me.

04/30: Apologies for the late update! Cleo went to the vet on Saturday, and he believes she has a urinary tract infection. She was given a shot for inflammation and pain, and put on antibiotics. We'll follow up with the vet later this week.

On the way home from the vet, she urinated in her carrier, all over herself. :( I was cleaning her up when we got home, and her anal glands started expressing, so I suspect that may have been part of the problem.

She seems to be feeling quite a bit better now, she's moving around a lot more and going to the bathroom and not crying at night.

The money I've raised so far covers the vet visit, but more always helps, in case she needs to go back, or at the very least, it will help me pay all my bills on time.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, or shared my link with anyone they know!