Sunday, February 14, 2010

I've got some lovely FO's this time!

So, I finished my Mountain Peaks shawl! I love it! There was too much wind to get a really good picture (there are some other pictures on the Ravelry page, linked above), but here it is:

Other things I have finished (somewhat) recently:

Dashing, for Jared

Back to Basics, also for Jared

I also finished a pair of Sunday Swing Socks, for me, but need to do some surgery on the toe area of one before getting a good "on foot" picture.

I've started My Vampire Boyfriend for Ravelympics, and plan on doing Monkey as well.

And yes, I am watching the Olympics. I do not enjoy sports in general, but I LOVE me some Winte5 Olympics. I don't even really like watching the Summer Olympics. I'm weird, I guess. Maybe it's the sheer speed of the winter sports, or the fact that I could NEVER do any of them (cold urticaria - the picture of the leg with hives on it is mine).

I also made some yarn purchases yesterday, but I think I'll save those pictures for tomorrow. :)