Monday, January 04, 2010

Ahh... a new year.

SO glad 2009 is over.

For those that don't know, I was sick for most of last year. Starting in January, ending in November. On November 1st, after two trips to the ER, they found out what was wrong. Gall stones. Specifically, one large gall stone that was almost the size of my gall bladder. On November 10th, I had emergency surgery to have it removed (the surgery was originally to be scheduled in early December, but my pain was far too intense). Since then, everything has improved: my appetite, my health, my mood - everything.

Jared and I also celebrated our second anniversary, moved into a new apartment, and were caught in a blizzard in Oklahoma. Not in that order.

The anniversary was uneventful, due to just escaping said blizzard the day before more snow arrived, and moving into a new apartment at the same time. The blizzard was cold. Pretty, but cold. Here are some pictures taken at my parents house when the snow first started to fall.

And my mom, who is so awesome that I aspire to be like her someday:

That's my dad, grandfather, and nephew in the background.

The new apartment is AMAZING, and I totally love it. It's larger and less expensive than our old one, with a bigger kitchen and a den/small second bedroom for computers and yarn. Once things are all unpacked and less crazy, I'll get some pictures of it.

I got this awesome coffee maker for Christmas from Jared's parents, and we also got a small Ryobi drill and a fancy corksrew from them as well. The drill and coffee maker take turns being my favorite gifts, usually depending on which I'm using at the time. The coffee maker has an internal carafe that heats evenly from the bottom and four sides, which means that 4 hours after I brew coffee, it's still warm (not scalding, but still fairly hot) and doesn't taste burnt. YAY. Kira's taking bets on when the coffee maker will move from the kitchen to the office (for coffee-fueled WoW raids).

And I updated my Ravelry with more of my yarn, and some old projects, so check that out if you haven't yet.

Anyway, I'll try to post here more, and have more knitting content. Last year was just crazy. Hopefully 2010 will be better. If anyone's still out there reading this, feel free to say hey so I know not to give up blogging. It's a catch 22 - when I got more comments, I'd generally blog more, but I needed to blog more to keep my readers.