Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I <3 dishcloths so much right now

Yeah, I've totally been knitting up a dishcloth storm. I cast on one while Jared's dad was in the hospital, right after the accident, so I'd have something to do during the long hours that we were there. It was supposed to be a Grandmother's Favorite(Ravelry Link), but I didn't have a pattern, and was going off of memory - I'd had a piano teacher when I was quite young that was a knitter, and when we learned something extra special, she'd take us into her bathroom, and let us pick a dishcloth from a drawer full of them (all this same pattern, all in lovely colors of hideous acrylic) - and mine ended up a little... "special". I didn't do the math on the decreasing right, and stress plus no sleep means my math (and therefore anything I'm knitting) doesn't come out right. When I remember, I'll have to post a photo of it.

I tell ya, though - I want to be like my crazy old piano teacher. She was so patient, even though after three years of lessons, it was clear I had no talent (my left hand is uncooperative, at best). She recognized that all her students had their own pace, and reasons for being there (mine was a desire to be like Elton John, a thought which I think horrified my father - he's very conservative). But I promise you that every single one of her students had at least one of her dishcloths (or washrags, as we called them). I personally had 4 - though I can't remember why I earned them, I remember picking them out. I remember crying when, after about a year, one started unraveling. And about a year after that, when I lost one at camp. And, while not crying this time, being very sad when one got horribly stained the first time I dyed my hair purple (I was about 15). I think the last one might still be with my parents. Mental note to ask mom when I talk to her next.

The piano teacher (sadly, I don't remember her name, I was 10 or 11 when I began my lessons with her) also had these amazing dollhouses. I mean, exquisite. Every 2 or 3 weeks, she'd take 15 minutes out of my lesson, and let me look at them. I think I remember her giving me a miniature or two out of them, even. To this day, I love miniatures, and the miniature section of craft stores can captivate me for long periods of time.

I hadn't thought about this woman in a while, and hadn't tried actually remember bits of her character until I started writing this post. I tried to send her a Christmas card a few years after I stopped lessons (I was maybe 13 or 14), but it was returned to me. I guess she must have passed on. But her influence on me really strikes me now - my love of knitting and handknits, my love of miniatures, my love of piano music (though I've accepted that I can't play piano.

On with my knitting stories. So, after the FAILcloth (still totally functional, just - weird looking), I made a Ball Band dishcloth. And then a Bathtime Blossoms one. And I've cast on another Bathtime Blossoms. All since this time last month. Am I crazy?



Suna said...

Thanks for that really sweet remembrance!