Thursday, April 02, 2009

I'm one classy lady.

First order of business: I made a blog so I could keep track of my homebrew/liquor mixes. Check it here if you're interested: It's not updated very frequently, due to the slowness of the brewmaking process. (Hard apple cider, which is what I'm concentrating on at the moment, takes about a month for the initial fermentation, then I let the yeast filter out for another couple of weeks, give or take.)

Jared and I are looking at houses - to rent or buy, either way. His parents were going to try to help us out, but his dad's job is not the steadiest thing in the world at the moment. But it looks like there might be another option, which I don't want to discuss on the blog since we've not really discussed it much with the people who offered this option to us. But, even not knowing the price range I should be looking at, I'm still checking out a few houses - mostly because we had this appointment to go look at them since we knew Jared's parents wouldn't be able to help out. But if we find one that would work for us, we can keep it in mind for the "other option".

That's really the big news, and since I'm not wanting to freely discuss the details of it, there's not much to say. I started the Flit & Float scarf, which I'm loving but not having a lot of time for. I'm looking forward to a bigger kitchen.

If anyone is interested, these are the houses we're looking at today (not sure if we're going to see all of them, I just know we're going to look at houses with our agent, and these are the ones I've told him we're interested in seeing):

1303 THORNRIDGE RD (this one is inactive now, but I think the agent said we're still going to see it)

*Updated links, shouldn't have to log in now.


Suna said...

Can't see the dang houses without joining something, but HA, I will look at them on google earth. I hope that other prospect works out, heh heh.