Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nerdcore could rise up, it could get elevated

Nerdcore, for those of you that are unaware, is one of my favorite genres of music. Hip-hop with guys that rap about nerdy stuff, like Star Wars, or video games.

I got horribly lucky last weekend, due to some very awesome friends of mine, and was able to hang with some of the more awesome nerdcore artists - 2 of which are kind of a big deal, 1 of which should be a big deal but is less well known (I blame his Canadian origins ^_^): MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and Jesse Dangerously.

My friends and I knew it was going to be a good weekend, but we had no idea of freaking epic it would actually be. It all started Friday evening, with a SXSW show freaturing the above-mentioned gentlemen at Prague. A local guy, Terp 2It, played first. I honestly didn't pay much attention - he wasn't who I was there to see, and I was busy socializing and drinking. But I got his CD, and I plan on giving it a listen at some point - I'll have to rip it to my computer, and then burn a copy, as I don't like having "real" CDs in my car, and my car is about the only place I listen to music.

Jesse Dangerously
After Terp, Jesse Dangerously played. I had honestly not listen to much of his stuff - again, I listen to music in my car, and I didn't have any of his CDs, but I had heard him contribute to other artists ("Canadia" with MC Frontalot being the most notable). I enjoyed the show while I was there, but I wasn't that into it. I was later converted, but we'll get into that later.

MC Frontalot

Then came MC Frontalot. Crazy fun show - I really liked when Jesse and Lars got on stage with him to sing. I wish I had been able to dance more, during all of the Friday night shows, but my friend Tim and I had walked 2.18 miles (I just did the math on google maps) immediately before the show, and my knees were giving out.

We drank

After Front, a band called Lord T and Eloise (warning = website has music that plays automatically) played. I hadn't heard them before, and the vocals at Prague were shit, but they had some good beats, so I'll have to listen later on. During their set, it was all a flurry of buying drinks, and having drinks bought for me, and drinking.

MC Lars

The last act of the night was MC Lars. Very awesome show, but at this point I was very drunk, and had very weak legs. Sad times.

Saturday was spent recovering feeling and strength for my legs, and boy am I glad I did that, because Sunday was craziness.

The first thing we did on Sunday was meet up at Kira's apartment, and then take the rappers out to Driftwood for some BBQ at The Salt Lick. It was very tasty, and everyone had a good time. Luckily, Jared was able to join us for the Sunday craziness, because he had taken the day off. After BBQ, about half the group headed back to Kira's apartment, where we watched Return of the Jedi on TV.

We converged a bit later at Spider House for that evening's show. We hung out and enjoyed our first drinks of the evening while watching the soundcheck. I got some sweet video of Frontalot and Jesse singing Nerdcore Rising during the soundcheck. (My camera apparently cuts sound out when I zoom.)

Jesse, Fester, and Kils - I think during the soundcheck

This time, Jesse Played first with Uncle Fester and Fresh Kils. Freaking knocked my socks off. I totally bought one of Jesse's CDs later on. One of the coolest things was being in the very front while Jesse was playing, and looking to my left and seeing Lars and Front standing right there getting into the show, too. So cool.

After Jesse, Terp played. Again, I was busy socializing and drinking.

Then Lars came on, for an amazing show. Dancing, drinking, and shenanigans were had. The picture of him above was taken during his song about Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, hince the picture of Poe in the background. Fun facts about Lars: YouTube is a huge time suck for this man. Hanging out at Kira's, Lars pretty much went instantly to her computer, went to YouTube, and started asking everyone in the room "have you seen...?" Jesse was in the room, and Lars searched him on YouTube not once, but twice. The super awesome thing about Lars is his sheer enthusiasm for hip-hop in general - his excitement is contageous.

Frontalot played last, and his show was made of awesome. Everyone was rocking out, dancing, singing along.

Man, this weekend was made of awesome, and now I have a billion new facebook friends, and some new rapper friends.

Me, Steve, Lynda, Jesse, Kira