Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trying to post more

Yes, I am trying to post more.

I may have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, I became ill recently (January 24th was the day it started, the 31st was the day I started feeling better). I went to the doctor, mainly for purposes to get a note from work, having missed an entire week. Doctor said it was a virus, gave me some drugs for nausea, and took a strep test, just in case. Well, I felt better until the 4th, when I had a terrible sore throat. Then on the 6th, I lost my voice and so I left work early. Went to the doctor again on the 7th, who said since the strep test was negative, it is yet another virus.

I felt better Sunday, went to the pub quiz, woke up the next morning for work... and could not speak. Not much more than a squeak. So I missed Monday. Jared bought a humidifier last night, I took an abundance of medication, and could kind of whisper this morning (sort of the loud, "Jack Bauer" whispering), so I trudged into work. Where I worked for half a shift and had to go home because my voice was on its way out again. I'm hoping another night with the humidifier does the trick, but I will accept any advice - I can't keep missing work like this.

Also, if anyone knows of a decent job in the Austin area, I'm interested. Doesn't really have to pay a lot or be full time, though either of those things are nice.

I've been knitting, and no there are no pictures are the FO is a surprise.


Suna said...

Sounds like you might need more of a typing job than a talking job, huh. Feel better soon!

coastergirl said...

Try and avoid caffeine for the throat - and don't whisper - it is really hard on the vocal chords... honey and hot tea or warmed bourbon...