Sunday, February 01, 2009


You guys remember Icarus? The shawl I started way back in summer 2006, right after I moved to Austin?

Those that know me in real life know that I finished it towards the end of summer 2007, a few months before I got married. But I lost my pins, so I never got around to blocking it. It mostly sat around in my bedroom knitting pile, which I have learned is way too close to the "dirty laundry pile" (do you see where this is going? Also, yes, we have a hamper, but it was being used for other purposes - holding clean clothes while I neglected to put them away).

Icarus, my beloved first big lace project, first shawl, first lace knitting screw-up where I cleverly fixed my own mistake. The one project that had helped to keep me sane during a period of time where I thought I would be homeless (and I would have been, were it not for kind friends). Icky has seen me through various road trips, 4 dwelling locations, three couches, two strange ex's (one mine, one jared's), and now... one washing machine.

Yes, Icarus went through the wash. And felted, For those unfamiliar with felting, and too lazy to click the link, it involves turning gorgeous handknit lace shawls knit from a lovely wool/silk blend into...well, felt, really. Now, when done properly, felting can make some awesome things - I personally have a felted bag that I adore, and a felted Flying Spaghetti Monster - both gifts from a secret pal (I don't think they were from the same person, but I can't be bothered to look at the moment). When a lace shawl is felted, the results are...tragic, at the very least. A natural disaster might be more appropriate.

In other, (somewhat) less depressing news - I hate my job. Answering the phone sucks. But I talk to Brits all day, so that's cool.

Jared and I passed the one year anniversary with not incidents (aside from a temporary roommate who we tried not to kill).

We got a new couch (well, used, and there's actually a couch and a loveseat), and the futon Suna so generously gave us has gone on to the home of a friend of ours, to provide sleeping space for her overnight guests.

I'm getting really into homebrew ciders and liquors/cordials. If I make any that don't suck, I will share with the locals.

I'm knitting things - almost done with husband socks, working on mom socks (less intently than some - and I've made some baby hats and am working on additional baby items that are top secret. Baby items are taking priority.

My 25th birthday is in 2 days. We'll probably grab my buddy Tim and go to Epoch after Jared gets off work, but other than that - no plans.

And I guess I'll be casting on another Icarus.


Suna said...

Oh, no. Poor Icarus. At least it's a fairly quick knit. Happy belated anniversary, too. I did think of you at the time. I am always interested in new liquor products....

hwall said...

Happy belated birthday!! Miss you!