Thursday, February 12, 2009

In love (again)

No, not with a boy (other than Jared), but I've refallen in love with my absolute favorite musical artist, Ben Folds. I recently acquired (through the fabulous SwapADVD service) the Ben Folds Five - The Complete Sessions at West 54th DVD.

This is an amazing performance, as the reviews on Amazon show, and throughout the entire thing, I kept thinking how much Suna would enjoy the DVD, I know how she likes talented and unconventional musicians - perhaps some day in the future I can bring the DVD over for an evening of knitting and music (and cider, perhaps Ace or my homebrew apple)?

Ben Folds is, simply put, the most talented musician of my generation, or so I feel (though Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos rank way up there, as does John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats - but I think Ben wins over all of them). His live shows are always entertaining, and this is an early showing (recorded in 1996, I believe) of how purely awesome he will become.

This is a brilliant example of how fantastic Ben Folds (solo or live) is, and anyone who loves music, particualry piano rock or unconventional artists, should watch it.


Suna said...

Suna was thinking, as she read your post, how she'd sure like to see what all the fuss is about with him. I think your plan sounds marvelous. No doubt Ben will look spectacular on the 46" TV, too.