Thursday, February 12, 2009

In love (again)

No, not with a boy (other than Jared), but I've refallen in love with my absolute favorite musical artist, Ben Folds. I recently acquired (through the fabulous SwapADVD service) the Ben Folds Five - The Complete Sessions at West 54th DVD.

This is an amazing performance, as the reviews on Amazon show, and throughout the entire thing, I kept thinking how much Suna would enjoy the DVD, I know how she likes talented and unconventional musicians - perhaps some day in the future I can bring the DVD over for an evening of knitting and music (and cider, perhaps Ace or my homebrew apple)?

Ben Folds is, simply put, the most talented musician of my generation, or so I feel (though Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos rank way up there, as does John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats - but I think Ben wins over all of them). His live shows are always entertaining, and this is an early showing (recorded in 1996, I believe) of how purely awesome he will become.

This is a brilliant example of how fantastic Ben Folds (solo or live) is, and anyone who loves music, particualry piano rock or unconventional artists, should watch it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trying to post more

Yes, I am trying to post more.

I may have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago, I became ill recently (January 24th was the day it started, the 31st was the day I started feeling better). I went to the doctor, mainly for purposes to get a note from work, having missed an entire week. Doctor said it was a virus, gave me some drugs for nausea, and took a strep test, just in case. Well, I felt better until the 4th, when I had a terrible sore throat. Then on the 6th, I lost my voice and so I left work early. Went to the doctor again on the 7th, who said since the strep test was negative, it is yet another virus.

I felt better Sunday, went to the pub quiz, woke up the next morning for work... and could not speak. Not much more than a squeak. So I missed Monday. Jared bought a humidifier last night, I took an abundance of medication, and could kind of whisper this morning (sort of the loud, "Jack Bauer" whispering), so I trudged into work. Where I worked for half a shift and had to go home because my voice was on its way out again. I'm hoping another night with the humidifier does the trick, but I will accept any advice - I can't keep missing work like this.

Also, if anyone knows of a decent job in the Austin area, I'm interested. Doesn't really have to pay a lot or be full time, though either of those things are nice.

I've been knitting, and no there are no pictures are the FO is a surprise.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

25 Random Things about me

This came from Facebook, I'm just crossposting here so my page looks like I update it more. Complete it if you like, or not.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. It's hard for me to read Tara's answers and have them not influence mine.
2. I really, really hate talking about myself, so Tara should feel loved that I am even filling this out (hooray for boring mornings)
3. I need to change my facebook profile picture, but no one ever takes pictures of me, so that's one of the most current.
4. I should start working out.
5. For the first time since I started having bills, they are finally caught up, and staying that way, plus money is going into a savings account.
6. We're moving in July.
7. We will be moving into a house.
8. We really want to buy said house, but don't think we'll be approved for a loan, so we'll likely be leasing.
9. I don't want to move, because I hate moving. But I hate this apartment even more.
10. I'm STARVING, but I'm going to eat with my buddy Tim tonight, so I don't want to eat a huge meal or anything.
11. I think I'm going to take the car to a drive through real quick, before Jared takes it to work.
12. But I'm really looking forward to a Cuban Sandwich and Ace Pear Ciders later in the evening.
13. Tonight is the first night of pub trivia at Opal Divine's, and Tim and I are the only ones we know for sure will be there. I hope it's not crowded, so it looks like we suck less.
14. Yeah, I'm going to go get food real quick. BRB.
15. I ate too much, and am now worried that I won't be able to finish my sandwich tonight.
16. I want Jared to get s different schedule
17. I also want Jared's car to be fixed. I'm sick of relying on friends for rides if I want to do something on the weekend.
18. I miss having a job I love.
19. I can't wait to drink alcohol that I made myseld
20. I wish I had more money and free time.
21. I still need to buy my birthday yarn. I'm going to Tyler next weekend, anyone know any good local yarn shops there?
22. I need to update my blogs more often, but I feel like my life is too boring.
23. I'm thinking about blogging about the alcohol I make, but I'm not sure if I should do that on the current blog, or start a new booze-specific blog.
24. My dog probably saved me from being institutionalized.
25. I miss the evenings I spent with Jared before WoW, but the evenings after WoW are also fun.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


You guys remember Icarus? The shawl I started way back in summer 2006, right after I moved to Austin?

Those that know me in real life know that I finished it towards the end of summer 2007, a few months before I got married. But I lost my pins, so I never got around to blocking it. It mostly sat around in my bedroom knitting pile, which I have learned is way too close to the "dirty laundry pile" (do you see where this is going? Also, yes, we have a hamper, but it was being used for other purposes - holding clean clothes while I neglected to put them away).

Icarus, my beloved first big lace project, first shawl, first lace knitting screw-up where I cleverly fixed my own mistake. The one project that had helped to keep me sane during a period of time where I thought I would be homeless (and I would have been, were it not for kind friends). Icky has seen me through various road trips, 4 dwelling locations, three couches, two strange ex's (one mine, one jared's), and now... one washing machine.

Yes, Icarus went through the wash. And felted, For those unfamiliar with felting, and too lazy to click the link, it involves turning gorgeous handknit lace shawls knit from a lovely wool/silk blend into...well, felt, really. Now, when done properly, felting can make some awesome things - I personally have a felted bag that I adore, and a felted Flying Spaghetti Monster - both gifts from a secret pal (I don't think they were from the same person, but I can't be bothered to look at the moment). When a lace shawl is felted, the results are...tragic, at the very least. A natural disaster might be more appropriate.

In other, (somewhat) less depressing news - I hate my job. Answering the phone sucks. But I talk to Brits all day, so that's cool.

Jared and I passed the one year anniversary with not incidents (aside from a temporary roommate who we tried not to kill).

We got a new couch (well, used, and there's actually a couch and a loveseat), and the futon Suna so generously gave us has gone on to the home of a friend of ours, to provide sleeping space for her overnight guests.

I'm getting really into homebrew ciders and liquors/cordials. If I make any that don't suck, I will share with the locals.

I'm knitting things - almost done with husband socks, working on mom socks (less intently than some - and I've made some baby hats and am working on additional baby items that are top secret. Baby items are taking priority.

My 25th birthday is in 2 days. We'll probably grab my buddy Tim and go to Epoch after Jared gets off work, but other than that - no plans.

And I guess I'll be casting on another Icarus.