Monday, November 24, 2008

What else have I been up to?

Well, at the beginning of October, Jared and I went to Tulsa to visit my family...

His first time riding a horse, can you believe it? Also, I would like to take a moment to point out that the horse I am on, Sandy, is "green broke" (for those non-horsey people, that means "only slightly trained" or "not used to being ridden"), and, aside from when my father rode her once, I'm the only person other than my mom to have ridden her. She did EXTREMELY well.

We also spent time with my fantastic cousins...

...and the dog came with us on vacation.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Ren Fest

Me (on the right) and our other dear friend Candice (on the left) also enjoyed turkey legs, and also have our WoW names listed on Flickr.

btw Chris from the other picture and Candice are engaged - getting married on Valentine's Day

Ren Fest

Jared (on the right) and our dear friend Chris (on the left) eating turkey legs at Ren Fest. (And if you see that image on Flickr, the title will say "Winter and Zuj" - those are their WoW names.

I also went to Ren Fest!

Foxy lady
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An associate of mine (camped with her that weekend, but hadn't met her before that) with a Fennec Fox outside the Ren Fast Gates.

Firestarter Socks

mom socks
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Firestarter socks for my mommy.

Hey Look! I can knit!

hubby socks
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I got a pretty sweet little camera from my aunt and uncle: a Samsung S860. LOVE it!

You'll see some 3/4 done black and white socks here, those are the socks I've been knitting for Jared for quite some time now. I'm testing Flickr's "Blog this photo" feature (I'm pretty new to flickr) and I'm not sure if I can add more than one photo, so I'll be making a couple more posts here with more pitcures.