Thursday, July 17, 2008

I love Joss Whedon

There are a million different ways that I love Joss Whedon, but this is almost as good as Firefly: Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

From the site:

"Once upon a time, all the writers in the forest got very mad with the Forest Kings and declared a work-stoppage. The forest creatures were all sad; the mushrooms did not dance, the elderberries gave no juice for the festival wines, and the Teamsters were kinda pissed. (They were very polite about it, though.) During this work-stoppage, many writers tried to form partnerships for outside funding to create new work that circumvented the Forest King system.

Frustrated with the lack of movement on that front, I finally decided to do something very ambitious, very exciting, very mid-life-crisisy. Aided only by everyone I had worked with, was related to or had ever met, I single-handedly created this unique little epic. A supervillain musical, of which, as we all know, there are far too few.

The idea was to make it on the fly, on the cheap – but to make it. To turn out a really thrilling, professionalish piece of entertainment specifically for the internet. To show how much could be done with very little. To show the world there is another way. To give the public (and in particular you guys) something for all your support and patience. And to make a lot of silly jokes. Actually, that sentence probably should have come first."

So go, watch it now.

btw, I haven't been feeling very well lately, hence the slowing down of posts. I will keep my promise to update more frequently, though.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer cold :(

Yeah, I have an icky summer cold, I think. Just been feeling pretty lousy lately.

I have added to my sidebar a "Currently reading" widget from Goodreads. I think it's pretty nifty.

We're still trying to get by on this last week of no money. We'll both be getting paychecks (that don't have to go directly towards rent, but will be used almost exclusively for bills and food) a week from today.

Pretty much all that's left to eat is 5 or 6 uncooked chicken tenders (not sure what we're going to do with those just yet - preferably something that will stay leftovers for a longer period of time than the tenders themselves would) and a lasagna (an entire one, it's in the oven as I type this - yes, I am cooking dinner at 6am, I'll eat some for "lunch", and then it will be used for our lunches tomorrow). Hopefully, that will hold out until next Saturday.

By the way, anyone in Austin want to go to Wheatsville Co-op and the farmer's market on Burnet Sunday morning? I'm hoping to snag some fresh produce at a good price (cause HEB is too damn expensive).

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


So, my camera is still busted. I want a new one very badly. If anyone has recently upgraded theirs, and would like to sell me a functioning second-hand camera for cheap, let me know.

I started a new job Monday, which has left me with a very odd schedule, one that follows as below, for the most part:

8:15am - Leave for work
9:00am - work begins
4:00pm - work is over
4:45pm - sleep
11:30pm - wake up (the time on this one varies)

I don't like this schedule, but if I did it the other way (wake up at 7am for work), I would not see Jared except on his days off. As it is, I don't get to do anything with my guild.

I've been doing more knitting lately, and TONS more cooking. I've been making Bento lunches (not limited to Japanese food) for Jared and myself. The downside is that my recipe collection is quite small. So I have a favor to ask of those reading this: send your favorite recipe to chemicalpink(at)gmail(dot)com. The only things I ask that these recipes avoid are: seafood, mushrooms, and big chunks of egg (for example, egg in potato salad or fried rice is okay, an omelet is not). It would be preferable if these recipes are relatively quick and easy.

Oh, and I've been rocking out on Ravelry, finally. You can find me here.

And yes, I will try to post more often.