Friday, August 03, 2007


I debated announcing via blog initially, but I have no idea when I will see those of you that I want to tell in person again - plans keep getting changed, everyone is really busy right now, etc. So here goes...(deep breath)


What? I need to slow that down a bit?

Jared and I are getting married. We're tentatively setting the date for December 29th, and thinking of spending New Year's in Vegas for our honeymoon. We've spoken to his parents about it, and will be speaking to mine next time we're in Tulsa (I want to tell Mom over the phone, but Jared wants to have a "man to man" talk with Dad first). We would have told my parents about it this last trip, but it was the first chance they ever had to met Jared, and he thought it would be too much to spring on them for the first meeting.

Okay, it took me like, an hour to just get that much out, so I'm calling it quits for the day.


Cheri said...

OMG!!!!! Tina, that is awesome! Congrats!

Suna said...

Yes, you need to slow down a bit. And remember getting married is more than planning a fun event. Then there are 50 years after that to think of. But you seem like happy people, and I am wishing you the best, which, of assume, you know. Just my job to act mom-like. I guess if I can trust Jared with the mail key, he's responsible enough. Miss you!

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Suna said...

Here's some useful reading. Now, discuss!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Congratulations!! If there is anyone in this world that deserves to be happy, it is YOU!

One word of advice, sit down and make sure you both feel the same way about finances (you should have seen it when I wanted to put the house in my name because I paid the down payment), and raising kids vs working full-time (oh boy).

Bunny hugs!!

Chris said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations.

By the way, I LOVE your hair. =]

Much love,

Suna said...

I tagged you for a meme on my knitting blog. This means you have to post something. Really.