Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy birthday to Jared

It's my boy's birthday today. So, happy birthday, Jared! Eh, he doesn't even read this.

So, I've been hella busy. We got Valentine spayed, and we spent the last weekend in Tulsa. We saw The Flaming Lips and MC Chris, and Jared got to meet most of my family and friends in Tulsa. And my family adored him.

Good news: the cord to my camera still works.
Bad news: the fan on my motherboard is going out. I've been told that the fan can be replaced without replacing the entire motherboard, but I don't know anything about it. Is there anyone in Austin that does? And can help me? I'll so cook you dinner or cookies or brownies or something.

Someone in Seattle found this blog by Googling my full name. Who in Seattle knows me? I'd like to talk to you, promise. I don't bite, and if I ever knew you, I probably remember you.

I read Harry Potter. I cried, but over all I felt like Rowling just kind of...gave up on this book. It was no where as good as the previous six.


I have been knitting. I have been trying to teach Jared to knit. I'm still working on the birthday socks (I got the yarn as a birthday gift - thanks Suna! - on February 3rd). They're sitting there, almost complete. Really, I just need a day off work when I don't have other plans and I should be able to finish them.

I'm also working on a skinny version of Wavy, as well as a scarf for my mom. Wavy is going along well, though the scarf is at a stand still.

When I moved out of Bryce's I realized that I have a metric crapton of acrylic yarn. Most of it matches, too. I'm thinking of making a sweater or two with it. I don't like knitting with acrylic much, but I've never minded wearing acrylic sweaters. And I'd like to have a sweater I made by the time winter is over. I'm debating if I want to design the damn thing myself or if I want to follow a pattern. If I decided to go with a pattern, I'm thinking about one of these:

Holey Cable!
Ballet Camisole (I know, not a sweater. Still. I want one. I've been loosing weight - 18 pounds since March! - and want to show off)

I'll also have to dig out my magazines and books and see if there's anything I want to knit there. Also, if anyone knows any awesome patterns where I won't have to add short row shaping in the bust (as in it either doesn't need it or it's already figured into the pattern), I'd like to see them.

But, that's not starting until the socks and the mom scarf scarf are finished. Also, I am frogging EVERY UNFINISHED PROJECT except for the socks, Wavy, and the mom scarf. Well, if I have like, a single sock or armwarmer finished, but the second isn't on the needles, it can live. So, I guess I'm frogging any "on the needles" project. (I'm also rambling.)

I decided I'm going to be a two project max woman. A larger project and then either a sock or a scarf or something small and portable.


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Hola, I found your blog on the Austin Knitting Meet Up Site.

Personally, I think metric tons of acrylic are (in general) crying out to become afghans.

Also, I am all for frogging FOs once you've fallen out of love with them.