Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, the boy is staying with me at Suna's until we move into our apartment on Friday. I had to make the blog private for a little while, his ex was being a little stalker-y. But it should be all good now.

We spent all weekend at A-Kon. I've gone every year for the last 5 years, and I've volunteered on staff for the last 4. This was Jared's (btw, that's the boy's name) first time at an actual con, and he volunteered with me. We had a blast, and bought some kick ass things (including some movie posters that I drool over if I merely think about them: Army of Darkness, Clockwork Orange, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Battle Royale, Nightmare Before Christmas and a HUGE Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas).

I haven't been knitting much, but things seem to have settled down. I have my boy, I have some exciing news that is not ready for public consumption yet, I'm back at Apple for another temp contract (please let this one last). The video store I worked at closed without warning or explanation while I was out of town.

And that's most of my news for now. I have a package at my post office box that I haven't had a chance to pick up yet, maybe tomorrow before work.


Anonymous said...


I didn't get the copy of #2 of Kusheil's dart in time to send in second package. I have it in #3 but if you can't wait I can exchange it for somethiing else I think you'ed like. Also yeay Apple job!

Carla said...

there may be banning plugins for blogger, I'm not sure. I got one for wordpress because my husband's former boss was e-stalking us, and it worked GREAT. It bans the person by their IP. Of course if they change the IP, you would have to enter the new IP to ban, but it does indeed work :)

Suna said...

If you find out from Carla about that, let me know. Of course, the smart stalker would just go use someone else's computer. I have someone in Little Rock, Arkansas that looks at all 3 of my blogs multiple times a day. I cannot BE that interesting.

Anyway, Tina, tell me next time your blog goes private. Not that I don't see you anyway. But you will be elsewhere soon, and the luxury of interpersonal interaction will go away.