Monday, June 11, 2007


I forgot to take pictures of my 2nd SP package and put them on the laptop (Euclid) and then bring Euclid to work so I could post. But it was a fantastic package. I got my favorite yarn in my favorite colorway (Malabrigo in Little Lovely), and some misti alpaca in a fantastic pink. and chocolate (man, she has been sending the BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER.), and a notebook, and a SUPER AWESOME Mario shirt than Jared is convinced he is going to steal. (He's wrong, btw.) And I think probably something else that I can't remember. SP, email me to get my (yet again) new address (it won't change again for a year, I swear) if you haven't sent package 3 yet.

And now, for Summer Knitty:

  • Zinzin - Oh, how I wish I could get away with wearing something backless. The girls, however, will not hear of it. They're so demanding.

  • Sophie - Why do I like this? The neck doesn't make sense, and I'll likely get tangled in it. But oh, how I want it.

  • 'Vog On - I love ankle socks. They give me hope that I could finish a pair of socks. You know, sometime. Eventually.

  • Coupling - I want to see these in a solid before I make my final decision. But I'll probably like 'em.

  • Breeze - Again, short socks.

  • Prickly Girl - I want this in a grown up size with no flowers. Seriously.

  • Sweet Pea - I'm a sucker for all socks.

And that's it for Summer Knitty.


Covered In Yarn said...

Tag you're it! Check out my blog!

robin said...

I *heart* Little Lovely! That is such a great colorway - glad to hear SP is going well for you.