Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I am just amazed at how fabulous things can be. New love is intoxicating. I move in with the boy June 8th - we got an apartment today. Cross your fingers that I get this job I applied for (Suna, Beccano would be so jealous of this job. I'll tell you about it in person - are we still on for Saturday, or do you want to wait and see how you feel?) cause I really REALLY need some gainful employment.

I went back and forth on telling this to the internet, but I am in the big ol' middle of the application to be a SuicideGirl (if you don't know what that is, the link is NOT safe for work), as is my lovely best friend. All we have left to do is have our sets photographed and accepted.
Hey there! Thanks for your application to become a SuicideGirl. You
look perfect for our site, and you've now passed the first stage of
the application process.
If I get the mystery job, plus 2-3 days a week at the video store, plus $500 every time a set is published, I'll be pocketing a nice little chunk of change there.

Everything is falling into place. I don't get to keep my dog, but I get to keep the most fantastic man I have ever met. I'll miss Valentine, but love (with another human) is too good to pass up.

PS (to my Secret Pal) - You sent Kushiel's Dart right when I finished Neverwhere, and I adore it. I'm reading it pretty quickly. Also, You might be interested to know that I decided to get a tattoo of the rose logo from the cover.


Suna said...

On for Sat. afternoon after knitting. Sat. evening doing Beccano bday and J. farewell dinner.

Sad about the dog. Wish I could have been more help with that.