Thursday, March 08, 2007

oww + new knitty

Man, lots of stuff has been going on. Lots of talking, and "tooth hole" pain, and the oral surgeon basically calling me a wimp.

I have had searing pain in my socket since Monday. Monday and Tuesday I took early outs at work because of the pain (technically, I did that Wednesday, too, but Wednesday was also Bryce's birthday). Tuesday I went by to see the oral surgeon. I am out of my prescription for Vicodan, and have a hard time sleeping without it because of the pain. He basically called me a wimp, and didn't give me more pills. He irrigated the socket, and then put some topical stuff on it that was nasty:

Me: the oral surgeon packed my tooth hole with something really nasty tasting that numbed it. he told me to leave it in for an hour, but i had to wash it out almost immediately
Jon: how long did you leave it in?
Me: i dunno, 10, 15 minutes
Jon: well, you gave it a what? C effort maybe? :-)
Me: i dunno if i would even call it a C
Jon: lol
Me: this stuff was SERIOUSLY nasty
Jon: gross man
Me: and for some reason, hairy.
Me: it was hairy, and tasted like Listerine and medicine, and a slight bit of mint (trying to mask the flavor, but only making it worse), and it made everything numb, and was packed into my tooth-hole
Jon: what!?
Jon: grooooss
Jon: its like your an experiment
Me: hairy, like it was part of a cotton swab. but it was a murky red-green color
Five minutes later...
Me: dear lord i can't get the taste out of my mouth
Me: it reminds me of "old man smell"
Me: i just ate an entire sleeve of saltines, and drank a ginger ale (i'm worried that too much flavor will only make it worse)
Jon: lol, I just got caught up with this conversation. A++
Me: haha
Me: omg this is seriously the nastiest taste to ever have lived in my mouth
Me: and i've eaten some nasty things
Jon: i would prefer to stay in the dark on the nasty things tina has had in her mouth

So, yeah, going back to the oral surgeon did not help. It made the socket stop hurting, but it wasn't worth it to have that awful taste in my mouth for two days (it's FINALLY gone this morning).

So, on to the new Knitty:

  • bmp - These may be the coolest socks ever. A goal this year was to try some colorwork (I've never done anything with more than one color), and the pattern on each cuff is different, so I could be tricked into thinking they are two different socks, and may actually finish them.

  • Torque - I love this so much that there are no words. I will start this before the year is out. I'd like to wear it next fall.

  • Isabella - I also love this, and would immediately go buy the yarn for it, but it's worked on #3's. Which kind of makes me shudder and my hands cramp up. Maybe in the future.

  • Dashing - Yeah, Bryce is SOO getting a pair of these bad boys. And so is my dad. Probably Joe, Jon, Adam, and Robert will each get a pair, also. In fact, I had better start on those, like, now.

  • Queen of Cups - Suna, did you see? Socks, named after your queen ^_^ And they're awfully pretty.

  • Clessidra - Pretty socks. Must knit. Drool...