Thursday, March 01, 2007

k, let's get serious for a minute...

Y'all, I know this is one of the least serious medical thingys to happen, but send good thoughts my way because tomorrow morning at 10 am, I am having my #2 molar removed. It at an angle that has apparently made it hard to brush since my wisdom teeth started coming in, and it has been causing me much pain and agony for years.

I haven't had anything done to it before now because I have an incredible, intense fear of the dentist. My new dentist is better, but I'm still scared.

They were going to do a root canal on it, and then a rebuild and a crown, but they weren't able to get in to do the root canal (because of the angle), so they decided to just take it out. It's decaying to the point that my silver filling that I had on it for, oh, about 100 years, has fallen off (and I didn't notice. Did I eat it? Swallow it in my sleep? Did it just fall out when I was brushing my teeth? The world may never know). I'm going completely under anesthetics while they remove it, and then I will be on painkillers.

I may make multiple doped up posts. I may ignore the internet. I have three days off, and something like 19 movies, and 3 full anime series to watch, plus a DVR that is 55% full. And knitting while I do all this. I also prepared by reminding myself what I am doing in Neverwinter Nights 2 (Suna and Jody, when Shannon and I were talking about a game a while back at tarot night, this is that game) and also installing Sims 2, along with the Nightlife, Open for Business, University, and Pets expansion packs. I also pre-made a little family with virtual me, virtual Bryce, virtual Valentine, and Virtual Evil Devil Kitty Neko the Hutt Bast, so I've got a head start on that.

And if you need to spend some money, do it here. I've never met Allison, I've never emailed her, or commented on either of her blogs, but I've had her store bookmarked since I read Laurie's post about Allison's son, Evan.

You see, Evan was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 8 weeks. you can read about it here. The story touched me, rather deeply, and I'm not sure why. I don't like children, I think babes smell weird and make strange, alien noises. But Evan, he's lovely. I just want to snorgle him (it's not something nasty, click the link for a definition).

If you are on a stash diet, and can't drop a few bucks at Supercrafty, then you may want to consider just donating directly to Evan's Brain Surgery Fund.

So, while having a tooth yanked out is not nearly as serious as a four month old with a brain tumor, both of us need your well wishes.


Carla said...

Hang in there Tina. Dental work is never fun, no matter how fabulous the dentist. I resisted a dentist for YEARS because of a very horrible one causing some insane fears. I finally went in the past year after finding a great doc.
I assure you, no matter how scary the procedure may seem at the time, you will feel a thousand times better afterwards!