Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another post about my job (this one without tears and anger)

So, a little more detail about my job: I answered emails about support and billing for iTunes. Apple hired me as contract labor for Volt. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail other than that.

I loved my job, and I loved working for Apple. I stood behind my product 100%, and made some amazing friends while I was there, some of whom I hope to stay in touch with. It was the first "real" job that I truly loved, and I was really happy there.

Right now, Apple is doing some restructuring of employees that I don't pretend to understand, and I was a victim of it. I'm not sure why, exactly, but I know that it sucks, and I'm sad not to be there anymore.

Right now, I'm just trying to find something - anything - to keep the bills paid. If Volt doesn't have me placed somewhere else by the end of the week, I file for unemployment. Bryce says we can't afford for me to only work part time and go to school, but I will be enrolling in some classes on May 7th.

For now, I'm drinking, and knitting, and will be working on new stuff for my store, and playing video games. I've also started working on my screenplay more (I'm hoping to enter it in First Glance's Annual Short Script Competition next year). Yes, it will be a short script, I really don't think it could be a feature length. I'd like to enter it into the appropriate contest, regardless.

I'm also working on another AMV. I made several a few years ago, but haven't a decent enough system for editing in a while. I'm hoping to finish one, if not two, in time for A-Kon's AMV contest deadline.

But mainly, I'm knitting and drinking a lot. I have a sock to finish, and then I have to start working on Kitty hats and Jayne Cobb hats for A-kon. I'm behind this year. I already had 8 kitty hats done at this time last year.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hey sweetie! I am sorry about the job change. Just a little cheer upper: Thanks to your post that you wrote about awhile ago, I finally visited the Radical Lace exhibit in NYC. And I'd be happy to send something over to cheer you up too!
Bunny hugs,

Suna said...

I am real sorry, too. I have some friends from Former Work entering the screenplay competition, too. It sounds fun.

She who is knitting and updating websites...and will file for unemployment on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

hi tina - thanks for commenting on my blog! i am just a beginning knitter but am really enjoying it.
sorry to read about your job troubles - keep thinking good thoughts, something great will come your way...