Wednesday, February 28, 2007


First, though, check out some ancient knitting pictures. All of these have been finished and with the intended recipients since November.

Bathtime Blossoms (For my grandmother, along with handmade soap. She doesn't think she can wash with them. I told her "It's just pretty cotton, just use it, PLEASE"):

Baby bolero and matching hat from One Skein (For my baby neice Melina):

Now, on to content.

A random guy on some forums today called me a goddess. The original poster of the thread posted the following:
I just showered after 4 days of barely brushing my teeth... I was forced to since I could actually smell myself. Now that I have, I realize how truly disgusting I must've smelled.

The longest I've ever gone is probably a week, and...well... it was gross.

What's the shittiest-smelling you've ever been and why did you smell so bad?

I shared the following rather disgusting story, taken from a chapter of my life in which I was having fun, but severely depressed. It is a chapter which I do not wish to repeat. I had just began my blog (you can click on the first link to read my hopeful, and "optimistic" first post, or the second link to read my sad, frustrated second post; both written within 3 days of each other, when I didn't even know how to properly word what I was feeling). Anyway, I replied with (links added for clarification):
The smelliest I've ever been...well, I had no good excuse to be as smelly as I was. About 3 years ago, my friends and I used to have these LAN parties that would go on a minimum of 2 weeks. There was a guy who's dad worked two jobs and was never home, so didn't care what we did. We'd set up in his garage (sometimes spilling over into the living room, but that was mainly for sleeping).

This particular LAN lasted over a month, and there was a period of, like, two weeks where I didn't shower. At the time, I was working at the concession stand of a movie theater, as well. So I would go to work, get covered in popcorn grease, and then come home and sit in front of a computer for hours. Every other night we also went to the arcade to play DDR.

Needless to say, I was a greasy, smelly mess. I was also severely depressed, and didn't want to do anything that wasn't "fun". Showers were not so fun, apparently. I just didn't care, and honestly, I was cleaner than most of the guys at the LAN.

I was running late for work one day, and my hair was sticking out in odd places, but I didn't have time to wash it. I thought I'd just stick my head under the faucet, get my hair wet, and all would be well. But when the water hit my greasy hair, all the oil just sort of coagulated. I had clumps of grease in my hair all day at work.

I showered that night.

Even now I'll not shower for 2-4 days. I don't get all that stinky, and washing my hair too frequently makes the color fade faster. I do try to keep up with the oral hygiene, though, and wear deodorant on a daily basis. I'll also bathe rather than shower, though baths kind of gross me out because you're sitting in your own filth.
It's just a little glimpse into my past. I'm glad to say that I've made it through all that, as it was a really bad time for me (clearly).

I was also thinking about my dog, who has brightened my life so much. Valentine is truly a gift. She has given me a reason to get up in the morning, and to pay attention to time. She depends on me and needs me.


Cheri said...

Hi Tina,

That is some fun knitting and an adorable dog!

I miss you guys!


Shelly Hattan said...

It's good to see you blogging again.

Very cute baby stuff. I may have to knit some myself.

Lana said...

Cute baby stuff.
I think Valentine is adorable. She looks happy too.

Christine said...

I think your dog is just WAITING for me to come by and visit when I am in Austin for SxSWi in under 2 weeks. Don't you think so?

Do you want to be in the photograph too? Doggie love! (Uh, you know. In the good way.)