Saturday, January 27, 2007

This makes me smile.

ETA: This is also cool: Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting

Friday, January 26, 2007

American Idol Blog

So, because it amuses Jon and myself, I created an American Idol blog. I'm posting links to as many of the performances that I can find, and, beginning a day or so after the episode is on TV, I'll post the "Best of YouTube Comments". It's basically just going to be a good place to go to get an overview of the episodes, and catch video clips for the best or worst auditions. So you can obsess selectively.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

American Idol New York

So, my friend Jon (Tulsa guy for those that read the Tarot blog) and I watch American Idol, and then gossip about it the next day when we should be working. Well, tonight he wasn't able to watch, and his DVR is broken, so I took some notes, and I am going to share them with you, as I have no other content for ya.

New York-

Day one.

ian benando - pompus jackass stripper, 2 therapists. speaks, doesn't sing. had to be escorted out. find this guy's video on you-tube.

Sarah Burgess - lied to parents about auditioning, burst into tears, sang "call me", i was impressed. nothing but good words from everyone, going to hollywood. personally, i was moved, very proud of her. I literally cried.

Fania T...something... - crazy greek woman, sang "Africa", not very good, but I've seen worse. simon even ripped her dancing.

Ashanti Johnson - been to hollywood twice already, I didn't think she was all that great. okay, but nothing special. not going to hollywood again. they did a funny soap opera spoof with her thing.

Amanda and Antonella - best friends, wanted to be a duo. they were, like, annoying. and also, like, untalented as a duo. Amanda - sang "Crazy" (Patsy Cline), I thought it was okay, nothing really special. going on to Hollywood. Antonella - I liked her better, still nothing special. everyone liked her better, too. also going to hollywood. can't wait to see the hollywood drama with these two

Clifton Biddle - plays harmonica. attention whore. made some robot noises before audition. sang a ZZ top song, simon asked for something else, he played harmonica.

enter clips of lots of REALLY untalented guys

Kia Thompson - sang some aretha. pretty good. good voice in general, it was a bit, um...loud. and over the top. simon didn't like the song but like the voice. was advised not to "over sing". lots of praise and good advice. going to hollywood. also, who names their kid KIA? My CAR is a Kia.

Day one over.

- interjecting: so we live behind a grocery store. they now have night stockers (didn't used to). the constant banging of the big metal doors at night is IRRITATING

Day two.

Simon had a "singing hangover" and they started without him.

Henry something...- 16 year old, "I'd give anything to fall in love". HOLY SHIT this guy has some pipes. I am in love, dude, amazing. good words from everyone, paula called him "easy on the eyes". going to hollywood. that's one talented kid.

Nakia something... - crazy woman, bad teeth, very optimistic and entertaining, sang "dancing in the street". not good, but not horrendous. sang a different song, and it was MUCH better. evolved from "not good" to "okay". paula says she needs work. more soap opera drama shit. actually felt really bad for her, but she didn't deserve to go to hollywood

Sarah Goldberg - seemed like a sweet girl. OMG she is awful. REALLY awful. she's got a good personality though. but EW her voice. she is lucky Simon isn't there. she then says she's not there to be on idol, and she's not a singer. claims they can "teach" her to sing. gave a speech about how you don't have to sing to be an american idol. omg she became annoying. after her audition, she because hilariously angry.

Simon comes back. (at this point i get a little annoyed because i realize i still have 49 minutes of crap to watch because idol was two hours long tonight)

Antonio Torres, JR- 47 years old, sings "new york, new york". of course, he is awful. he sang "new yor, new yor" not "new yorK"

Jory Steinberg - from Canada (a Canadian American Idol??) has met royalty and the queen of england. sang "Chains". she has a good voice, but she sounds like everyone else. lol, she sang "A to Zed" instead of "A to Z". I love it. they loved her, she's going to hollywood.

Porcelana Patino - did a Rocky-style "American Idol Boot Camp". she's really cute. and then dresses like a ho. sang some mary j blige song. she's pretty good. i like her voice, it's a quite different in a good way. gave them (minus simon, who refused to participate) a group hug when they told her yes. I like her. defiantly in my top 10 of who's going to hollywood

enter clips of judges mispronouncing names (including Jorge)

Christopher Henry - looks like Simon. sings "Before your love" voice is okay, but the high notes are too high for him. Poor simon with his hangover. Simon tells him he should be singing in a dress and stilettos. lol Randy requested Barry White from this kid. Paula and Simon have a tiff (of course)

Rachel Zevita - opera singer. sings "eternal life". I do not like her. she has an interesting voice, but not for that song. they ask for another song, MUCH better, a million times better, Randy request opera. talented opera singer. going to hollywood, this should be interesting.

(at this point I pause the DVR for beverages and an internet brea, and I discover this: I have found my birthday present to myself.)

time for the shitty singer montage. this time its "All Night Long" in honor of New York City. Pretty bad, all of them. I wonder what happens if one of the bad singers doesn't know the words for the shitty singer montage?

Chris Richardson - I don't know the song he sang, he's pretty all right, sounds like he should be in a boy band. they compare him to Justin. I don't think he could do Dick in a Box though. man, I'd like to see someone sing that in an audition. he's going to hollywood.

Nicholas Pedro - bailed out in hollywood last year because he forgot the lyrics to "Buttercup". sang "fly me to the moon". one of my all time favorite songs, and i loved how he sang it. LOVED. the ladies loved it, and "woohoo'd" at the end. going back to hollywood. i hope he does well, I LOVED how he sang that song.

Isadora/Julie Furman - Reads palms for a living. thinks she can sing and dance (surprise surprise). singing "Lady Marmalade". absolutely AWFUL. there was nothing that could be descerned as lyrics in that. made some "orgasmic" noises for a minute there. throroughly bad and mildly entertain, and then segue-wayed into some other song... Simon called it "Fantastically terrible".

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Who wants to take a road trip to The Old Oaks Ranch with me? Perhaps on a Monday, unless you want to wait until my schedule changes on 02/12...

Monday, January 22, 2007

de-lurk, y'all

I missed National De-Lurking Week. So, this week is now "National De-Lurking Week Part the Deux."

So, comment. I noticed I have several page hits from people I don't know, and I want to know my readers.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm a naughty blogger.

Yes, I am a shitty blogger.

In knitting news:

  • I'm doing some test knits for SWTC. They're lovely and fun, I'm just a slow knitter.

  • My secret Pal is lovely. I've gotten LOADS of wonderful Swiss chocolate, some wonderful sock yarn, a deck of Tarot cards that is marvelous (seriously, love it. It's become my everyday deck), some delicious soap from Lush (how did you know I've wanted to get my hands on some Lush products?), some lotion, and some thing or things that I have forgotten, but I do have pictures of (I think). I've lost the cord for my camera.

This is super cool. (My mind just drew a blank.) I've been trying to work on the screenplay some. Kat's moving back to Tulsa. I've been seeing a therapist. I don't know if I'm happy. I want to go do something tonight, but Bryce's response was "Hell, no. It's cold."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I just realized that I never posted this.

The new issue of Magknits came out (and I must have missed when the new issue of Knitty came out), so I'm adding these to my mental "to knit" list:

Argosy: Since I lost my dearly beloved Multi-directional diagonal scarf, I need a suitable replacement. I think this will do it.
Spanish Dancer: Because OMFG I love miters and haven't done anything with miters in a while
Norberta: Cuteness! To the max!
Sheldon: Ditto Norberta
Waders: Pretty, short socks. Maybe I'd actually finish a pair?