Thursday, November 09, 2006

man. i'm lame at this blogging stuff

So. The ear is fine. My throat hurts, I have a lot of yucky drainage, I'm still coughing, and I now have some abdomen pain. Ew, yeah I know.

I've been knitting so much that I haven't blogged much.

For those not in the know, my hands have been hurting. It may be arthritis. I type emails all day at work. Then I come home and knit. Both of these activities hurt me. But you see, there is a baby to knit for. My brother's. His wife is due November 17th, so I will have some FOs SOON.

I apologize for the delay.


Carla said...

Tina have you thought about carpal tunnel?
Once upon a time when I had an actual job LOL, and I typed a lot, I had problems with this.
See if you can switch to an ergonomic keyboard (that alone saved me)
Also using a wrist pad next to the keyboard. I also for a time wore carpal tunnel braces at night to relieve the pressure and it helped trumendously. I still keep the braces in my nightstand because if I go on a knitting binge it starts to act up.

Hang in there! Don't worry about the lack of blogging. It happens to all of us.

Polly said...

And you will be able to use the working through pain to guilt the kid into mowing lawns, painting walls etc. later ;)