Thursday, October 19, 2006

Knitty Surprises

OMG Knitty's surprises this issue are SO CUTE! I think my new yarn wants to be Smock, but with stockinette sleeves. Perhaps bell sleeves. I loves me a bell sleeve. What do y'all think? I might have to fudge a little to get gauge, but it should be fine. If I do it, I'm going to need some help with adding short row shaping for my "fun bags" - Sue Ann and/or Jody, wanna help out with that?

Kew is ADORABLE, and I LOVE useless, silly patterns like Desperate Housefrau.

I've been listening to music a lot more (also podcasts. share any good knitting -or whatever- podcats you listen to with me please!), and this song brings up so many emotions, memory-related and not, for me. I remember vividly the first time I heard it. I was at a coffee shop in Tulsa (which I no longer endose. it is no longer the coffee shop I frequesnted in my high school years). Anyway, I was at this coffee shop at about 1:30am with my then boyfriend. Our relationship was at its best, we were planning for a fall wedding the next year. It was winter - January, I think - and generally cold and grey. It had been raining and drizzling for several days on end, and I was happy, which is unusual for winter. A mutual friend - the most beautiful, poetic, and deep person I still to this day have ever met - came in and spotted us. He came over, and the three of us chatted for a bit.

It was open mic night, and the entertainment was shitty. We weren't ready to go home, though. Our friend told us to come out to his car and listen to this awesome band he had just found, and so we went. His car was parked at the curb of a small side street that wasn't quite an alley. It had no heat, and he just turned it on enough for the CD player to work. He sat in the front seat of his 1983 Oldsmobile, and I sat in the back with my fiancee. As the song hit the last verse - the one I've posted below - the sky broke open and the snow finally, for the first time that winter, began to fall. I was not in love with the music at first. My fiancee was, and purchased the CD the next day. I never listened to it. But as the weeks went on, the one song I had heard began to haunt me. It got into my bones and my soul, and stayed there. I went and bought the CD a few days after my 18th birthday.

The band, Bright Eyes, has remained one of my favorites, and I can never hit next when this song, The Calendar Hung Itself, plays.

Well, the clock’s heart it hangs inside its open chest
With its hands stretched towards the calendar hanging itself
But I will not weep for those dying days
For all the ones who left, there's a few that stayed
And they found me here and pulled me from the grass
Where I was laid


Rebecca M. said...

I was reading your blog, and the name Bright Eyes sounded really familiar. I looked in my music, and found I have two songs by them. I got them from Paste Magazine samplers. I really have no point with this (I seem to have lost my was there, I think), just a hello. ☺

Suna said...

always happy to help with short rows. I guess I better look at Knitty. My kids liked Bright Eyes for a while (to tie in with previous new person).