Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I haven't forgotten y'all

I swear, there has been knitting. Kat moved in on the 26th, and things have been busy busy busy since then. So, I felt like I have been getting a cold all last week, and was generally crummy feeling and tired, so I didn't post at all.

Well, Saturday morning, I woke up and felt like I was dying. I called in sick to work, and called my clinic which, thankfully, is open on Saturdays. My regular doctor wasn't in (damn!), but I had an appointment for 45 minutes after I called. I went in for my appointment, and did all the preliminary stuff (and found out I've gained 20 lbs since moving to Texas - UGH! I need a scale. And also exercise.) and then I spoke with the doctor.

My symptoms:

wicked sore throat

Prognosis? Definite ear infection, likely also have strep throat. The doctor did not do a culture to check for strep, but he was 90% sure that's what it was, and the antibiotic for the ear infection will also knock out the strep, so no worries.

I'm back at work now, after 3 days off, and I also went to the eye doctor yesterday. My glasses are apparently too stong. And this optomitrist is actually trying to find some contacts that work for me. I tried some that do NOT dry out my eyes, but do cause my vision to be VERY distorted after wearing them a while. I'll try again later and see if its any better. It could be the stuff that went in my eye to dialate the pupils (though they weren't dialated when I put the contacts in).

And yes, there has been HEAPS of knitting. Including two nearly finished baby sweaters, which I will post when they are fully finished. And bibs. And baby stuff in general.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I hate it when my throat gets sore. My husband finds it funny though, b/c I can't talk so much!

Heatherly said...

by now you shold be cose to done with the antibiotics. how are you feeling?