Friday, October 13, 2006

"Either I've been missing something or nothing has been going on." -Karen Elizabeth Gordon

I got some lovely yarn in the mail today, and can't find my camera so I can't post pictures. I now have 1367 yards of a very pretty pink (with one strand of black thred spun in) cotton/silk yarn, due to a very nice deal on Ebay. Now...I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone want to point me in the direction of some nice patterns? I'm not even really sure what gauge it is (yeah, I'm bad at knitterly math). The label says 22 st and 27 rows to a 10cm x 10cm square on size 3-4 BUT I don't know if its 3-4 UK (doubt it) or perhaps metric (more likely) or maybe even US. I guess I could knit a gauge swatch, but that would require...well, knitting a gauge swatch. Anyone know anything about this yarn or WTF weight it is? Or any pattern suggestions. I'm thinking about making it a top...

Also. The holidays are upon us. My family lives 8 hours away. I have to work Thanksgiving and Gift-Givingmas. Bryce will be doing his own family stuff, so I will be alone with the cat. OR - will I be alone with the Kat?

My best friend and her non-yappy small dog are moving here, most likely on October 29th. They will be living with Bryce and myself until Kat is able to get a job and an apartment and oh yeah, a new car as she has to sell hers to afford to move here. We've discussed her moving to Austin often, more so since I moved here. She lost her job a few days ago, and decided that it was a good time to move, but she has to sell her car, for multiple reasons. I'm very excited, as is she, but this is a scary time for both of us. I'm very supportive of her move, but...yeah. I don't really like people being in my space, and she doesn't either. We both have some mental health issues. Hopefully she will be able to get on her feet in no time and be able to get her own place, but if anyone knows of a cheap efficiency/1 bedroom apartment or a reasonably priced reliable car for sale in the Austin area, I'm sure she'd appreciate the info. She's going to try to get hired on at my work, so wish her luck with that, as well.

She and I will probably have good holiday times with wine and food (we love cooking together) and movies and pets, so that eases my anxiety about a lonely holiday season some.

I think I should knit her something pretty. She deserves it.


kelp! said...

I think that the yarn gauge is for size 3-4 mm - I have some old, old, old lang (I got at a garage sale!), and the labels are definately euro.

Looks like nice stuff, though!

Laura said...

Oh that's so sweet, I almost cried! The part about her deserving something nice. Anyway, yeah I'm getting ready to move and then a friend of mine is going to be staying with me while she moves, too. So I hear ya. Good luck! Wine will help!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

That yarn looks gorgeous! My guess is that the label has mm sizing. Would a pink "hush hush" by Knitty be too off?

Polly said...

WOW that was a sweet deal. Im impressed, I never find the great deals on ebay, GOOD JOB!