Friday, September 01, 2006


As we are having some technical difficulties at la maison de ChemicalPink et de Kelmar, I cannot choose a contest winner until they are resolved. Said issues include the number file with entry names and emails being on the male counterpart's computer, and said computer not playing nicely with the network, and my not knowing where on his computer he backed said file up (or knowing his login password). Both computers got their main hard drives reformatted and Windows reinstalled, and now something is glitchy. And I can't access my files that were formerly on his computer. So, consider the contest ON until tonight at 10pm, and hopefully everything will be worked out by then and I can post the winner promptly at 10pm.

And to whoever found my site by searching "shark willie warmers":

You will find nothing like that here. Sicko.


Suna said...

yeah, ahem. Sorry for the computer woes. I had that at work last week, but managed to recover OK, just a pain.

Did you look at that link I posted one day a couple of weeks ago that had a knitted condom on it? That might warm ... well, someone's willie. But no one I know.