Friday, August 18, 2006

A lists, of sorts

1) I apologize to anyone who saw me a Bluebonnet today. I looked as though I had been raised by a pack of wild dogs in a barn, and y'all didn't deserve to see that. I usually at least try to, you know, shower, comb my hair, and wear a shirt that doesn't resemble an empty potato sack quite so much. Today, however, I've had a horrible sinus headache and also some symptoms of the monthly, which should arrive in the next two days or so, and frankly, I didn't feel like looking halfway presentable.

2) Sarah, I SWEAR I have your stichmarkers. I kept forgetting them when I went to the post office, and now you're on vacation so I don't want the to arrive when you aren't home. And now I can't find your address (and last name...) so can you please email that to me? Also, when were you moving, and should I just wait and send them to the new address? Let me know what's going on. But here's a sneak preview:

3) I sent out my SP8 reveal package, and Carla got it yesterday, and posted pictures of it today, so I thought I'd reveal on the blog who I've been spoiling. She was an EXTREMELY wonderful recipient (I think I sent more emails back and forth with her than any other of my SP spoilees). Her family's been going through some hard times this round, and I tried to show some love when things seem down. Being me, and having all the personal issues I have, I know how much that can mean to someone - just showing some support and that you care can mean the FREAKING WORLD. So go show Carla some love.

4) Signups for Secret Pal 9 are just around the corner, so SIGN UP. I know some crappy stuff happens amongst participants every round, but the more good sports sign up, the better it will be in the long run. They've made some changes that will hopefully work out for the best (though the colors of the site still hurt my eyes, and I will maintain that while I LURVE pink and butterflies and all that is girly, I DO NOT like the design. It's cool, though. We're allowed our own opinions.) and I plan on volunteering to be a hostess if they need one, so y'all KNOW my group will be AWESOME.

5) I had failed to mention last post that I had an :cough: operator error on Icarus. Not once, but TWICE I had missed a yarn over in the EXACT SAME PLACE. Why only in this one place? Why didn't I notice it before I made the mistake TWICE? Citizens of KnitBlogTopia, we may never know. The fact is, however, that I found out about it on the 9th. The 9th, people. A week and a half ago. So how did I deal with it? Sue Ann seemed fairly positive that I'd have to rip those rows back and do the whole damn thing again. Never the woman to take the easy way out,I first set Icarus aside for, oh...a week or so, cleverly "forgetting" I needed to fix it. Then, in an act of desperation, I UNKINT JUST THOSE 7 (or so) stitches, then REKNIT them row by row. This ended up taking probably about the same about of time ripping out those rows and reknitting them would have taken, but y'all! I felt SMART when it work. Which it did. Looks perfect, by the way. I still feel SMART about it. I decided feeling SMART is better than feeling DEFEATED, which is how ripping it out would have made me feel.

6) Dying (dye, not die) at Sue Ann's house tomorrow. If you want to come, we're planning on ordering pizza, so bring a few bucks for that, email her for directions, and come bearing KoolAid (packets - not the sweetened kind, and Sue Ann has LOTS of fruit punch, so none of that), an instrument to dye in (think el cheapo pot from the dollar store), and anything else. I have some Rit and the instructions on how to dye wool with that. We have directions on how to make variegated yarn, dye using koolaid, and dye using Rit. If you bring any other fancy dye, bring instructions. Also, you MAY want to bring gloves. Just saying. Oh, and wear crappy clothes. This is a BYOB event (I assume, Sue Ann hasn't said anything to the contrary, and I don't know that I can put something ON my yarn that will change the color of it without "liquid courage"), and I'll probably bring a little more B than I can consume alone.

7) The contest. I plan to submit a design (to either Knitty or MagKnits, most likely, but a final decision has not yet been made), but I need to figure out how many yards of yarn I need first. I'm currently working on a "template" of the design, but I'm using more than one type/color of yarn, and I'd rather submit something more uniform. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to either figure the yardage for me (I can't post details of the project here since I plan to publish it, but I can email you a description) or direct me to a (preferably) free yardage estimator online. All results will be numbered and a winning number chosen using a random integer generator. The winner will receive:

  • TWO(!) sets of six (total of TWELVE) stitchmarkers in the colors of THEIR choosing, handmade EXCLUSIVELY for them by yours truly. This means NO ONE will ever have another set just like these. I will not make or sell even one duplicate of said stitchmarkers. As of now, only two people have sets of my EXCLUSIVE stitchmarkers: myself, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. (I just though I'd mention - I can't type due to the sinus headache, and I just typed "Pearl-McPee." I'm sorry for butchering your name, Stephanie, but I laughed so hard my sweet tea came out my nose and I almost fell out of the chair.)
  • Sock yarn. At least enough for a pair. I have not purchased said sock yarn yet, as I will purchase WHATEVER kind of sock yarn the winner likes (within reason), in their choice of color. NOT colorway, but color (ie pink, blue, green, etc). This means if the brand has multiple colorways in, say, blue, and the winner chooses blue, I choose which colorway. If there is a "self-striping" vs "variegated" vs "solid" issue, I will take that into consideration. This way, it's still somewhat of a surprise to the winner. I will not spend more than $30 one sock yarn, however. This ALSO means if the winner chooses a sock yarn that is, say $6 per 50 gram ball - THEN THEY GET 4 BALLS. Two pairs of socks y'all. Conversely, they can choose yarn that is $15 for a 50 gram ball, and get two. It's all up to the winner. If this gets too confusing, I will alter said sock yarn prize a bit.

Sound like a sweet deal? To enter, either comment ON THIS POST, or email me at Help a girl out, okay? EVERYONE who responds with a bit of help will be considered, NOT just this first person who actually helps. Contest ends September 1st, with the prizes being mailed out September 9th (unless I have to order sock yarn on the internet - in which case I'll order the prizes on the 9ths, and mail them to the winner as soon as I get them).


Heatherly said...

lol! ok, email me a description, guage, and i will give it a try. i will consult "the grapes of math" and see how close we get!

Suna said...

I will say that Tina dyed quite well, though each of us made one dyeing experiment that was, perhaps, not our finest moment, but hey, we were experimenting. I assume photos will appear soon. I didn't take any, so am relying on Tina and Jody.

Second, y'all would be very impressed with how well Tina fixed Icarus. Hardly noticeable, and honestly, will not be noticeable once the thing is blocked.

Some of the yarn I dyed will be a shawl. The one where I mixed and mixed until I got muted colors vaguely like what I wanted.

kristin said...

Just went through the websites in my favorites and found a couple of things that might help:

I'm not sure if this will actually help since it only works for rectangles but it is a yardage estimator that I had bookmarked from when I started (and frogged) my clapotis:

I also had this one bookmarked but I haven't actually used it yet. It may be more like what you're looking for:

Imbrium said...

There is a free downloadable program here that has all sorts of useful information, including a yardage calculator. I haven't used it, so I can't vouch for its accuracy, but all in all it looks like a neat little package.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I'd be happy to give it a go! Now if I use one of those new measuring gadgets, is that cheating?