Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let's talk about...

...TV for a minute. When I'm not working, I'm "cleaning out the DVR" and knitting. I've never had a problem with knitting being "too difficult" to do while watching something - if one or the other needs more attention, I a) put the knitting down a watch for a minute, b) pause the show(it's a DVR, I can do that), or c) just ignore the show temporarily. So, I'm going to wax enthusiastic about my favorites for a minute, and then talk about knitting.

Celebrity Duets

Anybody else watching this? I'll admit, I came for the Carlton, but I'm staying for the Jai. But HOLY CRAP they can both SING! One of them will win - most likely Jai, but Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton) will give him a run for his money!

As far as who downright stunk, Chris Jericho was at the top of my list - but the judges did something right for once and voted him off! I think next to go will be Cheech Marin.

Everyone else is mediocre.

For a full (but somewhat snarky) rundown of teh first show, check out the recap.

I'm in the process of watching the first season of this AMAZING show. I ADORE it. I would have to say it's the best thing on TV since Firefly. It's just lovely, though a bit depressing at times, and if you haven't seen it, you should. (Anyone happen to know if the tarot deck they use in the opening credits is an actual deck, and if so, which one?)

-Update- Apparently the cards used in the opening sequence don't exsist, but they should! Also, I found a nice little parallel between Carnivàle and tarot here. Interesting stuff, I tell you what.

-Update part 2- Link fixed

On to knitting. I am getting tired of repeating Chart 1 of Icarus, and decided NOT to do the extra repeat that Sue Ann had suggested. I need to free up those needles for another project that needs to be done (hopefully) by the beginning of October. Can I do it? We shall see.

So I'm onto Chart 2. The sweater for Nancy is also chugging along, as is a dishcloth and a felted entrelac bag.


Suna said...

I am sure it will be fine the standard length. I almost made my NEXT shawl (the one that is mohair and ugly and brown in Knitter's) a repeat larger, but held back. I will be peeved if it ends up too small.

Jody said...

From what I'm reading about the Carnivale deck, it is a standard Rider-Waite deck that you can get very easily.

I have one if you want me to bring it on Saturday.