Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Church of the Harlot (part 2)

Blogger seems to be working today, so I will continue.

So Stephanie spoke, and it was lovely.

Afterwards there was the signing in the garage at Hill Country Weavers, where a wonderful knitter (I didn't get your name! Email me if you happen to read this) took LOADS of pictures of Stephanie signing my book.

I gave her some stitchmarkers, and she said she "knew me" (SQUEAL!! Hi Stephanie!).

After the signing, where beer and brownies were had by all (or almost all), a rather large group of us went to Guero's, where more adult beverages were had.

Kristen, Abbe, Staci, Christine (who was wonderful and organized the whole thing and saved our waiter TONS of stress by figuring out the bill), Jody, Blogless Tamara, Alicia, Sarah (who gave me an ADORABLE blue sock bag! LOVE IT! Your stitchmarkers will be in the mail soon, I promise. Just haven't been feeling well lately), Julia, Caro, Kelly, Amy, Janna Susan, Mary, Enid, another Kim, and Amy were all there, among others. If I'm missing your name/blog, let me know!

At one point, Jody and Tamara decided to ceremoniously rip the label off of the Folger's container that Alicia uses to carry supplies in. I decided I needed to take pictures of this. Looking back, this seems like a foolish idea, but I blame the alcohol.

All in all, it was a lovely day, and there are far too few like it in my life. Austin knitters, let's do things more often! Y'all are FUN!


Anonymous said...


You're carrying the purse I made!

I am SO glad you like it!

Your SP8

Jody said...

Those pictures crack me up. Totally.

knitncycle said...

I had such a blast with you guys! I know a folger's-label-ripping--off-photo was extreme but I'm really glad they did it! No more funny stares when I knit in public!!!

Stalker Angie said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Steph was great, really, really great. :)

Oh and the bloggers you have met list? I am so stealing that for knit bloggers I have stalked in person. Yep. Total thiefville. Whee!

Ajisai said...

the soap you made came out just fine actually :) i havent gotten a chance to use it yet, but i'm happily wasting our hand soap to get a chance to. ;) and ty for the cute candies & card!! <3!!