Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Church of the Harlot (part 1)

On Saturday, I trekked WAY down south to Congress Avenue Baptist Church. I got thoroughly lost on the way there (what should've taken me 25 minutes according to Yahoo maps took me an hour). "Why on EARTH would Tina want to go to a Baptist church?" you might ask. Well, I went because the WONDERFUL Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was there! I was not the only knitter there, of course.

Some pre-Stephanie shots:

We all sat chatting and knitting while waiting for Priestess Stephanie of the Knitblogger Tribe. I talked to many knitters, of which I only remember one name (probably because she's another writer): Susan Wittig Albert, who was super nice and I totally have to get AT LEAST one of her books now. (Seriously. I'm getting one next payday - or possibly tomorrow if Nancy takes me to Borders and is feeling extremely generous.)

And then there was Harlot. After a short introduction, in which it was pointed out that she was "just another harlot on South Congress," Priestess Stephanie came out. I must say, she's a bit blurrier in photos than she is in real life. She saw that we were all taking photos of her, and she ran to get the sock and take some photos of the crowd with it.

And then she spoke. Y'all, she is like everything everyone says she is. She's funny, down to earth, natural. She's one of us. Though I think she may be going to hell for discussing willie warmers in a church. Though I've admittedly been out of the church for a while, so maybe it would be acceptable now? Anyway, she was wonderful. I'd go see her again, given the chance (though I'm no Stalker Angie.

Blogger is now being REALLY slow and I can't upload any more pictures, so I will try to finish this post tomorrow (there will be knitting purchases tomorrow, also).


Suna said...

In picture #2 the standing person in white is my friend Diane. I assume you know Jody, with a shawl in her lap...



Ajisai said...

you knitter's look like you're always having so much fun. i dunno if i have the skill for it, but you definately inspire me to dust off the hobbies i had and start doing them again. <3!!