Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I hobbled into work today.

The store manager heard what had happened and told me not to come back until I had been looked at. By a professional.

So I have a doctor appointment today at 2pm. We shall see how that goes.

And now for a photographic journey of what happened.

I was walking to the computer to write down my secret pal's address so I could send her a package. I narrowly avoided this monstrosity

which was sitting in the middle of the floor for I don't know what reason (it's Bryce's shit - I don't mess with it), only to have my toe crash into this thing

which is up against the wall and should not be obstructing the NORMAL walkway. The crate is my shit. And NOT IN THE WAY. (Interesting fact - the item I was trying to avoid is STILL obstructing the walkway. That little thing is FAR too heavy for me to lift - I think it's some sort of battery backup. Thanks for avoiding future problems, hon.) Insert my retelling of the story from last night here. The injuries resulting from this incident look like this:

A bit of a closer view:

Injured toe, top view:

Injured toe, side view:

Normal toe, for comparison:

In happier news, just before I left to go visit my family for the holiday, I got a "cheer up, think pink" package from my Secret Pal. In it, there was a really sweet card, some Pop Rocks Bubble Gum (which, honestly, I didn't not chew. I just ate it. It tasted good, though), a Pez dispenser with a heart that says "smile" on it (I love PEZ - I collect them - I don't think she knew that!), a Hello Kitty car freshener that looks like a charm bracelet for my rearview mirror (not pictured cause I had to put it on RIGHT when I got the mail. Seriously - SO CUTE), and a package of Crystal Light On the Go in Raspberry Ice. It was pretty tasty, but would've been better if it weren't sugar-free. I like my sugar. THANKS PAL!

Also, had a GREAT 4th of July! Here are two of my favorite pictures, but click this link if you want to see the rest (if it asks for a password, the read-only password is: password):


Anonymous said...

I bought you a subscription from Elann.com for a year - you'll get a skein each month starting at the end of August.

So sorry about your toe. Being a recent broken bone recovery patient, I know how disruptive it can be in your life. Hope it heals quickly.

Your SP8

Ajisai said...

wow evidently i need to check this blog more often lol. I'm sorry to hear that toe is stil crazy, but your knitting buddy seems very lovely. :) Pez collecting always seemed interesting (ever since that episode from Seinfield) what types do you have so far?

Oh and I absolutely love your pictures of the 4th of July fireworks. All me and our friends had were pop pops and sparklers, and we didn't even use them. *sigh* I guess I'll save them for Christmas or something lol.

Take care of yourself dear!