Monday, July 10, 2006

Freakin' OW

I had planned to blog today, then forgot to recharge the batteries for my camera, so I have no pictures (I suck, I know), and then (and here comes the "freakin' OW" part) I broke my toe.

I stubbed it on this milk crate that currently has, like, a thousand CDs in it, and I heard sort of a pop (like a knuckle popping), but stupid me, I thought it was just the sound of me stubbing it. It hurt like hell, and I was curled up on the floor holding it and crying for a while. It was swollen and red, but I thought (again, stupid me), that I had just stubbed it REALLY BAD. Keep in mind I've never broken ANYTHING, or had any sort of medical emergency.

Well, I had some errands to run, so I thought, "What the hell?" and went about my merry way. Now, this toe I "stubbed" is on my driving foot (aka, my right foot), and with every press on the gas and brake, the pain seemed to get worse and worse. When I finally got home, about two and a half hours later, I can barely walk, and the toe is twice the size of my non-broken one and all bruised. I CANNOT move this toe - I can barely walk. I called my mom, and she said it isn't worth going to the doctor/hospital over. They'll just give me painkillers and a bill, and I can't afford either.

I can't put ice on my toe, because I have cold urticaria, an allergic reaction to cold tempuratures. I've taken asprin, elevated it, and soaked it in a hot bath with epsom salts. Any other ideas?

Also, I got my bio set up on Etsy today. Nothing up for sale yet, but soon!


Suna said...

Ack, sorry about your toe. That sounds totally icky.

Let me know how etsy goes--I am interested.

Sue Ann