Monday, June 05, 2006

Pictures that should've been up months ago...

Okay, so first comes some pictures of my LAST sp7 package (FINALLY, hehe).
Some great stitchmarkers that my wonderful (former) pal Jenna made

a belt kit that I have been too lazy to put together

a washcloth that she made (and closeup of it)

Some yummy smelling lotion

some apple scented soap strips that are really pretty neat

A Kelloggs' notepad that claims to have "Coco the Monkey" on the front, but it's really "Jose the Monkey" because according to the link there, Jose and Coco look quite different, and this monkey looks like Jose. I JUST found that out when I was looking for a "Coco the Monkey" link.

She also sent some neat pencils (I think from an Asian Market) that I couldn't get a good picture of.

I have more pictures to post, but they will come later. That was just so old I wanted to get it out of the way.


Jenna said...

Hey Tina! What do you know, I happen to have a spare moment to check blogs and it is just days after you post pics of le goodies! It's kind of fun seeing everything because I had forgotten what I had sent. :)

aji said...

i love getting gifts in the mail, and those look awesome. (esp. the lotion...been such a moisturizing freak lately)