Thursday, June 29, 2006

1st sp8 package (a little late), and Jayne Cobb hat.

First, when I got home from A-Kon (yeah, almost a month ago), I had my first sp8 package waiting! Inside, I found:

Two books: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears and Vogue Knitting Quick Knits. Knitting Without Tears was on my wishlist, Quick Knits was not, but I love them both!

A great pink basket (with stars! I'm going to paint them a shinier silver) for my future bike.

A keychain measuring tape (how freaking neat!) and, best of all,

an uber cute pink striped bag! OH EM GEE I love it! I cart this thing around with me everywhere now (which says alot because I am NOT a purse person).

In Jayne Cobb hat news: the pattern I used was a bit...shall we

The gauge was 3 stitches to an inch. I got gauge. (Stitches colored so they can be better seen).

The pattern then said to knit 3 rows in ribbing, and then stockinette stitch for 3.5 inches. Did that.

Then I was to change color and knit for another 3.5 inches before decreasing. Check.

Decreasing and adding the flaps went fine, but I didn't add the pompom because the hat I ended up with was large enough for a gorilla.

So I cast on fewer stitches, only knit about 2.75 inches in the orange,

Knit about 3.25 in the yellow before decreasing (after watching the episode again, I decided there should be about an inch more yellow than orange)

Changed my decreases, and added the flaps and pompom for a smaller hat.

The difference between the two is INCREDIBLE.

The smaller one is still a bit too long, but it is quite possible I have a smallish head. I will make the next one even shorter. I'm thinking 2 inches in orange and 2.5 or 2.75 in yellow before decreasing.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will be out of town from Monday until Wednesday for the holiday.


Anonymous said...

Part of participating in Swaps for me is to see how my partner will react.

This gave me SUCH warm fuzzies. I am so glad you like all your stuff!

Your SP8

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to check to see if you got the small package and to see how you were doing.

Your SP8