Tuesday, May 23, 2006

tired -_-

Okay, so I've now applied for two jobs, though I don't really want to work until after A-Kon, the extra money will be nice. It is also INCREDIBLY inconvenient to be without a debit/credit card. I was planning on setting up an Etsy shop, but I need a credit card to do so.

I'm also having an undeniable urge to knit a lace shawl, but I don't have enough yarn, or approiate needles.

Also, Secret Pal: I did go ahead and update my sp8 questions a few posts back, including correct links to my wishlists.


Anonymous said...

From your Secret Pal:

Thanks for updating your questionnaire! It helps.

You aren't going to believe this, but I actually went to the second and third Project A-kon's (yes, I'm showing my age a bit. . .). I went a couple of years ago, but the convention has changed so much. I don't plan on going this year. I hope you do well with your entrepreneurial adventure!

I'm close by. . .

What type of Anime are you basing your ears on? Are you using the Stitch n Bitch pattern for kitty ears? I did a devil hat.

Tina said...

How neat! My boyfriend has been going to A-Kon since the 9th or 10th one, but I've only been going since 14. I actually work staff there every year, it's where he and I met.

A guy that's on staff with us at A-Kon is working wiht some of his friend to start a new convention in San Antonio (http://www.san-japan.org/) next summer, which we're lanning on going to. If you're close to San An, you might consider checking it out. Do you go to any other cons?

I'm not basing my ears on any anime in particular, and I'm mostly using the SnB pattern, with a few minor adjustments.

Also, if you have an anonymous email, I'd like to know what it is, so that I can email responses like this directly to you instead of posting them.

Anonymous said...

Try civilgrrl at yahoo dot com

Julie said...

You said : It is also INCREDIBLY inconvenient to be without a debit/credit card.

I REALLY understand you. I don't have credit card and this is very hard to find and buy...or sell what I need, or what I want sell (Identification request..!). Good luck, I'm with you !! :)