Tuesday, April 04, 2006

okay. pictures and stuff

Okay. I took pictures of the last package from my secret pal, who was the lovely Jenna. After reading over her blog, I LOVE HER!! OMG, I think they picked a perfect girl to spoil me. Her "interests" on livejournal - you could essentially duplicate them for me! (Even the hentai part - I met my boyfriend at a "hentaifest at a convention. Well, not really met him there, but that's when he first paid attention to me, hehe.) However, these pictures of the last package - they are stuck on my camera. I lost the cord. SO, pictures from the second package:

The whole package.

Some needles with acorns on them (SOO CUTE!)

"Handemade by..." labels, which are great because I'm about to start selling knitwear at conventions, but more on that later.

A "hot chocolate bar" that was so yummy that it didn't last very long at all, and reminded me quite painfully that I need to go to the dentist.

And a birthday cake! (I got this shortly after my birthday)

So, thanks, Jenna, for being a GREAT pal, and know that once I get a non-dialup connection, that I will be stalking your livejournal.


ajisai said...

gahhh that's so cute!! XD
i'm addicted to sending wow friends random things.
it's so great to get mail, it's like presents for no reason :)

which reminds me, i still owe you and naru postcards....

Tc said...

OMG you ROCK!! Thank you for being my secret pal!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were pleased! And I'm so glad you were super cool! When I sign up for things, (I know it's terrible to think this) but I sometimes dread that I will get some boring stay at home mom stuck in the 80's type who wants things decorate with geese, anything with Harley Davidson on it or maybe something "Beadazzled". Not that that has ever happened, but it is a concern of mine. But it didn't happen. You're staying on my favorites list to check regularly!