Friday, February 24, 2006


Norman was a lot of fun - thanks guys!  I've been feeling a lot better, even though I was upset some while I was there - it was no big deal, I just cried it out.  We watch TONS of Battlestar Galactica, which I don't hate, but...for almost 5 hours at once?  That's a little much for a show I'm not crazy about.  We also went to Erik and Tara's place, where Erik cooked for everyone (sorry, dude, I wasn't hungry + don't like fish) and we watched the Olympics.  It was pretty fun, and I've been in much better spirits.

I'll be hitting some Laser Tag with D2 tonight, and then picking up Bryce from the airport for a fun-filled weekend.  I know we'll be taking my parents to see The Pink Panther and that we'll be going to the Philbrook Museum so I can see Bookworks and CUT (warning: link is a .pdf).  I'm freaking excited.

I've been knitting kittyville hats from stitch & bitch over and over again, to *hopefully* sell at A-Kon, but that's pretty much all I've been doing, knitting-wise. Video games are taking up most of my free time. ^_^