Thursday, January 05, 2006


I apologize for not being able to update frequently. I now have dial-up so I have been exploring other avenues of entertainment. Examples: trying daily to get the old NES to work, buying "new" games for the Genesis, dusting off the Gamecube, playing old RPGs on the Playstation One (any suggestions for a good Playstation RPG?). Yes, those are the only console systems I have, mostly because I'm poor. I really want a PS2, and we have a used one at work, but Bryce has one, so when I move to Austin, we'd have two. We're already going to have to deal with two Gamecubes. What a deliemma.

I've been working my butt off since I moved back home. I am now the only Game Rush employee at our store, we have no store manager, and Blockbuster just downsized the district manager position. Our ASM(assistant store manager) drives in from Stillwater EVERY day, one of our SLs(shift leader - lowest level of management) has a payroll issue going on and hasn't been coming in to work, and the other SL is looking for a new job. I hope they promote me. They should.

I enrolled for a couple of classes at TCC - Photoshop and The Art of Film. should be interesting.