Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So much has been going on this past month I've been slacking in the posting department. My car is totalled and is going to stay in St. Louis. I move home Saturday (YAY). I got a B as a final grade, and a 98% on my research paper, which is a paper that will likely earn me some scholarship money.

The other day, I went to get some pizza with a friend. There was some walking involved, and it was cold out-there was snow on the ground, even. Now, I don't talk about it much, but I have cold urticaria. Being out in the cold for so long cause me to have a reaction on my legs that lasted for about an hour to an hour and a half and looked, at the beginning (it got worse but I was too busy trying to make it go away to worry about taking pictures), like this:

Icky, huh?

I also found out that the wonderful Reesa was my secret pal! I got the last package, which contained the following: A cute little stuffed grey sheep which will live in my knitting chair once I move home, a set of Brittany some stitch markers that are oh so pretty, a skein o size 2 dpns, a pair of pink bamboo size 5 needles (a little rough, but I should be able to sand and finish them when I get home so they'll be more useable, rather than merely cute-but they are VERY cute, hehe),f Manos del Uruguay in what is supposed to be canyon, but is much darker but SO PRETTY (I'm thinking "felted bag?" any ideas?), and two balls of Fortissima Colori Socka Color in "Farbe Partie" which roughly translates into "Color Party". I can't find a link for it - any help? This is such cute yarn, it reminds me of confetti. I also got a SUPER CUTE pink and black bag. Just for fun or not, Reesa, I love it, it's way cute. Other than all that, I got an adorable card. I THINK I have covered everything.

Now, I have to RUN to get to work on time!