Saturday, November 12, 2005


My boss is evil.

I have to work pretty much ALL of Thanksgiving week, so I don't get to go home for Turkey Day. So I'm going home this week, I'm leaving tomorrow, DISGUSTINGLY early in the morning.

At the very earliest, I will post on the 19th. If all goes well, I will have TONS of pictures, and maybe I'll finish Christine's socks (God, I hope so - I'm such a slacker).


Rox said...

Hey Chick - guess what?? I finished the socks. And while they are not perfect... they are cute. And... my first ever complete pair. So. At the very least... they have that going for em' eh?!

I'm not going to mail them out til Friday just cuz you are away right now and I don't know what your mail situation is. They should hopefully be there by Monday. TTYS!