Monday, November 07, 2005


Okay, so, first things first. Three weeks ago (or so), I got my order in from KnitPicks. Here is a picture:

Good times. My Secret Pal (who is awesome) sent me all kinds of great Halloween stuff (which is still decorating my dorm, and probably will be until Christmas) AND two balls of Peruvian Collection Baby Silk in Salmon from elann, which is lovely and very soft. Here is a picture of all that:

Then, my wonderful boyfriend Bryce came to visit me for Halloween, and we pretty much had fun, except that I wrecked my car on Halloween night, and we pretty much ran out of money. But that's alright, we had fun anyway.

Then, in a fit of craziness, I talked to my ex, Adam, who is also wonderful, from roughly 2:15 - 5 am Sunday, at which time I had a bit of a breakdown over many things, and decided, after sleeping and taking a shower because I had cried virtually all night, that I would move back home, to Tulsa, at the end of the semester.

Also, Bryce (wonderful man that he is), since I was still feeling bad yesterday, sent me flowers today. SO PRETTY:


Emily said...

Mmm, lots of goodies. Love Knit Picks.. :d