Saturday, October 01, 2005

post with some pictures (and knitting, i swear!)

Okay, none of my pictures from Pauly Shore came out very good, and that's the best there is. There were three comics that went on stage before Pauly, and I can't find their names anywhere. The first guy was not funny at all, the second guy was moderatly funny, but in a stupid way, the third guy was a spazz and was freaking hilarious, and of course Pauly was wonderful, even if the show would have been more at home in an adult bookstore than on a college campus.

I've been working on the cut your teeth socks from knitty for Bryce's mom as a Christmas gift (yes, I've already started, I'm kind of slow at knitting), who is one of the most incredible women I have ever met, and I love her dearly already. I think I'm sort of getting the hang of this whole "sock knitting" thing. And I also am getting an extensive list of things to knit for people for Christmas, inculding persents for kitties and the dog (Cleo, Bast, and Cowgirl: I hope you aren't reading this. Bob and Soji, you too.)

I need ideas for knitted gifts for:
  1. the boyfriend (Please email those ideas to me, he may read the blog. I gave him the link at one point, not sure if he reads it regularly, though.)
  2. my grandmother, who is severely overweight and hates knitted socks. I was thinking about a nice shawl or something
  3. a gay man that I love dearly but is very prissy

Also, when I went to The Loop to have Cristina look at my piercings on Tuesday, there was a cow on the sidewalk. I thought it was great.


christine said...

Thanks for the congrats!!!!
Whoo! You're a suicide gal?? NICE!
Why in the world is a wrinkle in time banned? me no get!