Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Sock

Finished one sock for Bryce's mom, and the picture of it is all I really feel like posting today.

Oh, I can never seem to get the toes to be slightly normal on any pair of socks I've tried. Any suggestions?


Lolly said...

Oh wow! how cool :) Great little accents on the cuff and toes. Wish I could help you on the toes--I am new to this myself. I can mention it in a Socktober post though, and maybe you can get some assistance.

christine said...

Did you try them on? Mine always look kinda weird, but once on the feet, look like real socks!

Miriam said...

My suggestion for toes is if you have an inch and a half before the end of the foot, do 1 inch decreasing every other row like they tell you, then work the last half inch decreasing every row. It makes the toe nicely rounded.