Friday, October 21, 2005


I am in a film production club at my campus, and I have decided to do a documentary. I have a few ideas, but I would like suggestions and opinions, also. My ideas are:

1) right now in Fenton (a suburb of St Louis) a woman went into a Target to have a perscription of the morning after pill filled. The pharmicist refused to fill it, saying it was their right not to fill it, and told her to go to a walgreen's nearby. I emailed Target about it (just a form letter via Planned Parenthood) and in their reply they said this "Target has a policy that ensures a guest’s prescription for emergency contraception is filled, whether at Target or at a different pharmacy, in a timely and respectful manner." The pharmicist was NOT respectful, is the main problem. From this I would go on to talk about various ideas about emergency contraception, vs abortion, adoption, Planned Parenthood, etc

2) homeless people: how did they get where they are, what sort of assistance do they get (and what sort do they want) from federal and local government/programs, if offered a way off the streets, would they take it, no matter what the cost, etc. do they prefer the "freedom" of living on the streets, or would they rather have a "proper home"

3) follow a local band. shows, practices, drunken parties, etc. as simple as that

4) premarital counseling, is it necessary, should it be done by a religeous official or a liscensed counselor, etc

A few people have suggested knitting, but how would I make that exciting enough for most people?


Rox said...

Hmm. What about society and stereotypes. And I'm not talking about different ethnicities (sp?), rather how we have this concept of "normal" yet none of us are quite normal? And... how that affects our life.

Man. That was enough thinkin' for the day, thankyouverymuch.


ps- working....on .... The socks!

Tania said...

I did a documentary on a local (school) rock band. I followed them around and didn't do interviews or anything. I just taped practices and shows. I decided that I didn't want the typical interview type documentary. It was fun and turned out well. The only thing is, sound is very important, so you may need to use sound recording equipment separate from your camera. Also, don't get involved with the band like I did = ). I dated the keyboardist/singer for a little bit during editing and the ensuing summer. Your other ideas are interesting but I would focus on finding a way to make them "you".

Jennifer said...

I like number 2. Number one is great but it is the easiest one I think. I even remember doing an essay on that type of subject in high school. Anyways back on number 2. I have wondered the same things about homeless people. It is hard for the everyday joe to understand where the are coming from. I think this subject needs to be expanded upon so that we can better understand homeless people and bring it to the attention of the government. I don't even know of any concrete programs that are established to help homeless people and maybe they don't either.
I really strongly think #2 is the best to go. Good luck! Have a nice day!

Talitha said...

I would go with a specific event over anything general. It seems one gets better marks the more in depth and specific you can be. Therefore, I think, although it may be harder to get interviews and information, the Target option is the best way to go. Good luck!