Friday, October 21, 2005


I am in a film production club at my campus, and I have decided to do a documentary. I have a few ideas, but I would like suggestions and opinions, also. My ideas are:

1) right now in Fenton (a suburb of St Louis) a woman went into a Target to have a perscription of the morning after pill filled. The pharmicist refused to fill it, saying it was their right not to fill it, and told her to go to a walgreen's nearby. I emailed Target about it (just a form letter via Planned Parenthood) and in their reply they said this "Target has a policy that ensures a guest’s prescription for emergency contraception is filled, whether at Target or at a different pharmacy, in a timely and respectful manner." The pharmicist was NOT respectful, is the main problem. From this I would go on to talk about various ideas about emergency contraception, vs abortion, adoption, Planned Parenthood, etc

2) homeless people: how did they get where they are, what sort of assistance do they get (and what sort do they want) from federal and local government/programs, if offered a way off the streets, would they take it, no matter what the cost, etc. do they prefer the "freedom" of living on the streets, or would they rather have a "proper home"

3) follow a local band. shows, practices, drunken parties, etc. as simple as that

4) premarital counseling, is it necessary, should it be done by a religeous official or a liscensed counselor, etc

A few people have suggested knitting, but how would I make that exciting enough for most people?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Okay, so I got this wonderful new 250GB hard drive in today. I formatted it, and installed it. I went to reformat/reinstall Windows on my 120GB, and, like the idiot I am, forgot to back up ALMOST EVERYTHING.

I need: gifts of mp3s and kickass backgrounds. Also, if I read or have ever commented on your blog, or if you read mine, please leave me a little note so I can get my bookmarks in order.

Monday, October 17, 2005

crazy weekend

I'll begin with Friday.

I woke up sort of late, but not too late. I checked my bank account to see if my wonderful deposit (financial aid refund) had been deposited yet, which it was! About $1700! I wasn't expecting it until Monday, so that was awesome. I call my other bank back home (where I have my car loan) to see how much it would be to bring both of my loans up to current. The woman said they were current. I was like, "What. The. Hell." because I knew both of them should've been about 3 months past due. So I called my mom. She informed me that the bank had called my grandmother about my loans being past due, since my grandma is a co-signer on one of them. So my grandma got a cash advance on a credit card for $660 to get my loans caught up. I told my mom to repay my grandma, now that I had the funds to do so, and we discussed what to do with the rest. We made the next car payment, which would have been due on the 19th, she took the $660 to pay back Grandma, and took the $250 I owed her. She left me with enough to buy yarn for Christmas gifts, and a new hard drive for my computer, and then some more for various necessities (like going to eat at the bar-b-que place). I ordered my new hard drive (250GB people. When it gets here, I will have a total of 370GB. For the computer illiterate, that would be a metric fuckton of space.), and then, I ordered YARN. I got a total of 22 balls/skeins/hanks/whichever from KnitPicks, along with a ball winder and some more needles.

That was the most exciting part of Friday. Saturday was boring, I found out I needed to rewrite an entire paper by TUESDAY because my rough draft sucked, and I hung out and knitted with some girls from the dorms.

Sunday, I went to the yarn store with said girls. We were there a little before they opened, so we went up the street to 7-11 where I made these wonderful purchases:

An R2-D2 Pez dispenser and some Strawberry Skittles flavor chapstick. Happy times. Then we went into Knitorious, which is a super cool LYS. I bought some gifties for my SP, and then, for the first time ever, YARN SPOKE TO ME. I told Bryce this, and he is ready to ship me off to a loony bin. But look how pretty it is:

It's malabrigo kettle dyed merino in a variegated shade called "Little Lovely" and lovely is RIGHT! It's not even on their webpage, but it is the most perfect yarn for me. And it is so soft and wonderful. If you have the chance to get your hands on some, I recommend that you DO IT. They had other shades there, as well, and now that I've been knitting with this one, I want to go back and get MORE. This one, for the time being anyway, wants to be Knitty's Wavy. The yarn's desires might possibly change, however, and I am prepared to accomodate that.

NEXT WEEKEND: I am so going to the Rock*n*Roll Craft Show here in STL, and I am excited. I have all day off that day, and hopefully I'll have a little cash money I can waste spend.

Also, proof that I HAVE been working on socks (Christine, don't click this link if you want to be surprised)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

music meme (real post later...maybe)

Stolen from Isis.

Favorite Beatles song: Blackbird, If I Fell, and In My Life

Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: Imagine

Favorite Rolling Stones song: Beast of Burden

Favorite Bob Dylan song: Oh, god. All of them? Wigwam, Mr. Tambourine Man

Favorite Pixies song: I can't think of any. I have a live Pixies album, but I've never listened to it

Favorite Prince song: Kiss

Favorite Michael Jackson song: Thriller.

Favorite Metallica song: me no likee

Favorite Public Enemy song: don't remember anything

Favorite Depeche Mode song: Personal Jesus

Favorite Cure song: ALL OF THEM! The Cure is probably my second favorite. Well, maybe not, but they're way up there. In Between Days, Close to Me, and Love Song if I HAD to choose

Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: "Who's got the Crack?" (check out the Moldy Peaches y'all)

Favorite Beastie Boys song: Girls

Favorite Police song: "Every Little Thing She Does..."

Favorite Sex Pistols song: "Anarchy In The UK"

Favorite song from a movie: Season Song by Blue States from 28 Days Later

Favorite Blondie song: Rip Her to Shreds and Atomic

Favorite Genesis song: no clue

Favorite Led Zeppelin song: "Stairway to Heaven"

Favorite INXS song: "Need You Tonight"

Favorite Weird Al song: haha I LOVE WEIRD AL! Amish Paradise cause it's actually stuck in my head right now. But I like Bob also, because it's really clever

Favorite Pink Floyd song: "The Wall"

Favorite cover song: Frou Frou and David Bowie combine on the Shrek 2 soundtrack to sing "Holding Out For a Hero"

Favorite dance song: I don't know the names to any of them

Favorite U2 song: Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Hands That Built America

Favorite disco song: Ewww

Favorite The Who song: can't think of one

Favorite Elton John song: Tiny Dancer

Favorite Clash song: Rock The Casbah

Favorite David Bowie song: Space Oddity

Favorite Nirvana song: About a Girl

Favorite Snoop Dogg song: Bitches Ain't Shit, but that's more of a Dr Dre song

Favorite Ice Cube song: I don't have one.

Favorite Johnny Cash song: don't have one

Favorite R.E.M. song: all of them.

Favorite Elvis song: don't like elvis

Favorite cheesy-ass country song: don't have one, but i did dream abotu garth brook last night

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More reasons why my secret pal rocks my socks off...and speaking of socks...

I was busy knitting my mom a pair of razor shell socks out of Knit Picks sock Landscape in Rocky Mountain Dusk (which is far more pinkish than it looks like, but still lovely) for a Christmas gift, when I realized: I was making a sock for a giant!

So off the needles they go, and I'll begin working on my S.E.T pal's socks (yes, I have one finished, but I've now decided I don't like it, so I'll be starting over completely). I think I know what I'm going to do with them, though, so that's cool. Or I can start on the other Christmas sock for Bryce's mom, or any other number of socks that I want to start on. I wish I had more than one pair of DPNs!

Also, My SP is awesome part two: Last Friday (I had two papers due at the beginning of this week, and had no time to post) I recieved a package from her containg this:

A signed copy of The Harlot's new book! Swoon! I am now officially in love with my SP.

In non-knitting news, if you take the time to read this, please comment and answer this question: Can you see the buttons in the right hand column under "Rings & Groups"? If so, please let me know what browser you are using, as there seems to be some issues with this ring. Jus tlet me know what you can see and what you're seeing it with. The owner of the ring is the only person I've spoken with at this point that cannot seem them, and I am using the same browser she is.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Sock

Finished one sock for Bryce's mom, and the picture of it is all I really feel like posting today.

Oh, I can never seem to get the toes to be slightly normal on any pair of socks I've tried. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Someone found me by searching MSN for: pictures of human sex with dog

Sorry, there's NOTHING like that here.


Nor will there ever be.

Holy shit, it's the second page on the list for that particular search.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Look, Ma, I made yarn! (well, sort of)

I got my first SP package today! My SP is officially the best ever for providing me with materials to learn how to do something I've wanted to learn almost as long as I've been knitting (so, just short of a year). She sent me three bags of roving and a drop spindle. The blue is exactly what it looks like, a shoft, shiny ice blue. the one that looks blackish, is actually maroon, which is one of my favorite colors, and the other one is a fuschia. a very interesting fuschia. I love all three.

She also sent some printed out "how-to" instructions that are very helpful! The printed out instructions also had little notes and whatnot in the margins that made me smile, and also encouraged me.

And after playing with fiber all day, I have this to show for it:

It kind of looks like yarn, right?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

post with some pictures (and knitting, i swear!)

Okay, none of my pictures from Pauly Shore came out very good, and that's the best there is. There were three comics that went on stage before Pauly, and I can't find their names anywhere. The first guy was not funny at all, the second guy was moderatly funny, but in a stupid way, the third guy was a spazz and was freaking hilarious, and of course Pauly was wonderful, even if the show would have been more at home in an adult bookstore than on a college campus.

I've been working on the cut your teeth socks from knitty for Bryce's mom as a Christmas gift (yes, I've already started, I'm kind of slow at knitting), who is one of the most incredible women I have ever met, and I love her dearly already. I think I'm sort of getting the hang of this whole "sock knitting" thing. And I also am getting an extensive list of things to knit for people for Christmas, inculding persents for kitties and the dog (Cleo, Bast, and Cowgirl: I hope you aren't reading this. Bob and Soji, you too.)

I need ideas for knitted gifts for:
  1. the boyfriend (Please email those ideas to me, he may read the blog. I gave him the link at one point, not sure if he reads it regularly, though.)
  2. my grandmother, who is severely overweight and hates knitted socks. I was thinking about a nice shawl or something
  3. a gay man that I love dearly but is very prissy

Also, when I went to The Loop to have Cristina look at my piercings on Tuesday, there was a cow on the sidewalk. I thought it was great.