Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My dad - an update

Due to some questions being asked, I realized that I hadn't even posted an update! I've been so busy working on this 5 - 7 page paper for freshman comp, plus reading Freud and learning German, that I totally forgot.

My dad is doing so much better. He's back home, they didn't find anything physically wrong with him, so they figured it was either stress, over-exertion, a panic attack, or some combination of the above. They told my mom to keep an eye on him in case it happens again. My mom just speculates that he wanted a few extra days off from work. I'm not sure if I mentioned previously it in my blog or not, but right now I'm about 400 miles away from them (they're in Tulsa, and I just moved to St. Louis about two months ago - first time I've ever not lived in the Tulsa area).

I plan on posting my paper when I'm done with it (it's a personal narrative of when I met Bruce Campbell). It should be pretty good.

Also - it was brought to my attention that some people can't post comments since I changed to Haloscan. Any else having this problem with my blog? Email me (ChemicalPink@gmail.com) if you do. Also, does anyone know of any other comment/trackback programs that aren't crap? i really don't like the default blogger one.