Monday, September 26, 2005


School has finally started to get fairly routine, and I'm getting my ass in gear finally. Work has been awesome, of course. T was telling me that S was asking him how my performance has been (since I work with T the most) because S really wants to promote me, which is awesome. I love my job, I've always enjoyed working at video stores, so this is a really great opportunity for me, especially since I'm considering changing my major to film, or something to do with advertising and/or video editing.

My nipple rings are, or at least seem to be, doing fine. Here in a little bit, I'll be heading down to the studio again to have my piercer look at it just to make sure it's still doing great.

Austin was fun, if I hadn't mentioned that. I have a pet fish now, also. His name is Dorian, I've had him for two and a half weeks, and he's beautiful.

If anyone is interested in seeing the piercings, they can click here. Picture is NOT work safe, seeing how I had my nipples pierced.